Ashes of History RIFT Updates


Ashes of History RIFT Updates

Ashes of History RIFT Updates with Phase 3 underway many new features for the gamer.

Ashes of History RIFT Updates will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesScorched Earth

The Ashes of History are upon us! Two sinister dragon cults have joined forces to ravage Telara. The reason for this alliance remains a mystery, but scholars see a connection to dark portents from across the sea.

Planar Attunement brings advancement for level-50 Ascended, and Chronicles let you experience Telara’s endgame instances with a friend. A new Warfront, a dungeon for master adventurers, Veteran Rewards, and more await in RIFT 1.5!

The Travel StonesAshes of History RIFT Updates

Before the Age of Dragons, Travel Stones allowed instant movement throughout Telara. But Akylios bade the sea swallow them up, and so they stayed until the Ascended slew that mad god.

The Travel Stones have emerged in dire disrepair and haunted by a strange song. Karine, the first Bard, calls the Ascended to restore the Stones and use them to reach an exiled people’s distant kingdom, where the Wanton and the Golden Maw work together to unleash volcanic doom upon Telara.

Can the Ascended break the cults’ brutal alliance, or will Telara choke upon the Ashes of History?

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesPlanar Attunement

Advance beyond level 50 with Planar Attunement. Every quest completed and planes pawn slain brings you closer to your next elemental upgrade.

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesChronicles

Teams of two players (or one, if you’ve got the gear) can take on RIFT Chronicles, exploring breathtaking dungeons—including Greenscale’s Blight, Hammerknell, and more—in fun, story-driven adventures!

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesNew Warfront: Library of the Runemasters

PvP combat erupts in Hammerknell’s Library of the Runemasters. Race the enemy faction to control Dwarven secrets, and rise through the ranks in this pulse-pounding new Warfront.

Library of the Runemasters is available for play on select weekends.

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesVeteran Rewards

Subscribers earn rewards the longer they play RIFT, including special gear and a personal vendor. Learn more.

Ashes of History RIFT Updates


The Master Dungeon

Darkening Deeps now sports a Master Dungeon mode. Rebalanced for elite groups of Ascended, the Master Dungeon holds epic challenges and epic rewards.

Ashes of History RIFT UpdatesWorld Event

Update 1.5 ushers in the Next World Event! Repair the ancient Travel Stones and stop two dragon cults before they overwhelm Telara with Earth and Fire. Face down the molten fury of new rifts and win scorching loot like an Ash Strider mount!

Ashes of History RIFT Updates


Add Ons beta

Customize your play with new Add Ons, fan-created mods for your RIFT user interface.


For more on the latest updates, click here!

Ashes of History RIFT Updates will help you successfully and quickly level up in this awesome MMORPG!

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Rift Ashes of History Key Features!


Rift Ashes of History Key Features

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will now allow you to advance beyond level 50!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will help you in your quest to successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features=ASHES OF HISTORY FEATURES=

  • New Chronicles, epic storyline experiences for solo and duo players
  • New Planar Attunement system lets you continue to grow your character past level 50 and choose how you want to enhance their abilities.
  • New competitive rewards have been added for purchase with high-level zone event currency. Find them on the Planar Goods merchants in Sanctum & Meridian!
  • The Golden Maw unleashes chaos from an abandoned kingdom across the sea, as the Ashes of History world event begins SOON! 


  • Chronicles, epic story line experiences for duos and strong solo characters, begin rolling out with 1.5.
  • The Chronicles of Attunement is a solo experience for all characters that reach level 50, congratulating them on their journey and introducing players to the Planar Attunement system.
  • Duo or strong solo 50s can enter the Chronicles version of Greenscale’s Blight or Hammerknell to take part in additional storylines separate from the Raid versions of these zones.
  • The rewards for Chronicles – outside of taking part in the story itself! – include Planar Attunement experience, gear of use to newly-50 Ascended, and chances at unique artifacts, new and old vanity items, and mounts from prior events.
  • Level 50 characters can access the new Chronicles window from the menu buttons on-screen or by pressing the ‘J’ key.
  • Under times of high demand, Chronicles will use a queue system to make sure everyone gets their turn!


  • Advancement doesn’t stop at level 50; after the Chronicles of Attunement, you can start earning Planar Attunement experience to further customize and enhance your character!
  • Planar Attunements provide base enhancements to your character’s Calling from each Plane, and is not Soul-specific.
  • Your experience bar will turn into a Planar Attunement meter when you reach level 50. The mouse over tooltip will indicate that you are earning experience toward Planar Attunement.
  • You must purchase all Planar Attunement abilities of a given tier before you can begin spending points in the next tier up.


  • Rift players are what make RIFT possible – as a ‘thank you’ from Trion to all of us gamers; additional bonuses are earned based on how long you’ve been in Telara.
  • Veteran Rewards are calculated based on prior existing time subscribed as well as any purchased future subscription time on your account. For example, if you’ve been subscribed for 3 months and renew a 3-month subscription, you will receive 6-month Veteran Rewards at the time the renewal occurs.
  • Check your in-game mailbox to receive Veteran Rewards!
  • For additional details including the list of rewards and milestones, click here


  • For those Ascended looking for a group-sized challenge, new Master Mode dungeons are underway, starting with Darkening Deeps.
  • Intended for elite groups of Ascended, these Master modes may require you to use multiple roles and advanced tactics including crowd control and support souls.
  • Epic rewards await those who successfully complete these dungeon modes; dropped items are more powerful than tier 2 Expert gear and provide an alternative to Raid Rifts and entry Raids for gear. There are rumors of a few super-powerful items to be found as well!
  • Groups wishing to tackle Master Mode dungeons must form up and enter the zone with the Master dungeon difficulty selected. Master Mode groups cannot be formed through the Looking for Group tool.


  • A new Warfront joins the weekend rotation – this one in an all-new setting!
  • Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of abandoned Dwarven Rune vessels. With the ability to bind powerful planar beings, these artifacts could prove invaluable to the armies of Ascended.
  • Join the fight to control these powerful vessels – but be warned, the longer one is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away at your soul.
  • Earn points for your team by holding the relic as long as possible. None can withstand the power of the relic for too long, though, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. Points can also be gained by defeating enemy players.
  • * Awesome new weapons, armor, and Synergy Crystals have been added to the Planar Goods merchants that can be purchased with Inscribed Sourcestone – these are expert-level equipment and worth checking out as a means of gearing up
  • your character!
  • * Combined Crystal sourcestone and Inscribed Sourcestone into a single currency for end game rift rewards.
  • * Crystal Sourcestone has been removed and any existing Crystal Sourcestone will automatically be converted into Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * Added Inscribed Sourcestone drops to all high level events, Rifts, and Rift related daily quests.
  • * Significantly increased the rate in which players can obtain Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * Items that used to cost Crystal Sourcestone have had their costs converted to Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * A new Warfront Accolade callout system gives recognition and group bonuses to Favor, Experience, and Prestige for completing a variety of certain feats in Warfront PvP.
  • * Example feats include the defeat of two opponents at once, defeating multiple opponents in a row without dying yourself, or for saving a teammate from the brink of death with a well timed heal. There are even Warfront-specific feats for unique actions!


  • You can now interact with merchants, quest NPCs, and Healer NPCs while they are in combat! This should help in some situations where a great many invaders are present.
  • Trinkets and other usable-equippables will now enter a 30-second cool down period when equipped.
  • Quantum Sight and Omen Sight now last 15 minutes.
  • The Planar Vendors in Sanctum and Meridian have been reorganized to
  • hopefully make them more user-friendly. A number of the goods available have been re-priced.
  • Ascended Powers are now on their own merchant in Sanctum and Meridian.
  • Fixed an edge case with master looting where a group could become ineligible for assigned loot.
  • Fixed a bug where characters could end up with multiple stacks of Soul Exhaustion.
  • Fixed the message ‘Dummy has decayed from [item] appearing whenever a temporary enchantment was applied to an item.
  • NPCs now give a more descriptive error message when you attempt to turn in too many repeatable quests in a single day.
  • If you try to pay for a cash-on-delivery mail attachment multiple times, we don’t actually charge you more than once.
  • When right-clicking stackable items to move them into a Guild Bank, they will be merged into any existing stacks in the bank if there is room.
  • Quests that share updates with party members will now also share across the whole raid, not just within your raid group.
  • Using click-to-move no longer acts bizarrely if you click on a floor above or below your character.
  • Smart Targeting now actually changes your target to the one chosen by your ability.

If you want to see the latest guide with all of the updates incorporated, click here, vids included!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will help in managing all that is new in Rift!

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How To Generate The Best Rift Cleric Purifier


How To Generate The Best Rift Cleric Purifier

Generate The Best Rift Cleric Purifier which have excellent healing abilities, high damage via Purge.

Generate The Best Rift Cleric Purifier by following our guidelines and you will successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Arron Herman

Generate The Best Rift Cleric PurifierAttackers are best if you rush this Cleric in signifigant amounts with focused intent.

Using a step-by-step Rift Mastery Guide to master any Cleric Soul with ease

Clerics enjoy the amazing power to craft up spells for healing along with attacking numerous foes and enemies. If you desire to direct this character with laser-like focus, it is advisable to seek help available as a step-by-step guide. Once you evaluate the guide, you will see the best way to deliver some severe damaging blows to enemies and when the going gets tough, turn that healing power onto your own character.

PvP is definitely one of the more entertaining things you can do on Rift besides the conventional questing, dungeon raids, invasion events and so forth. Void Knights and Riftblades allow players to generally be anti-casters and anti-melee together, neutralizing the PvP strengths of many other classes like Rogues and Mages. Always make an effort to get the maximum setup for Soul Pillage, Catalyze and Flame Spear to try by far the most damage in PvP.

For Clerics, Purifiers are usually the chief PvP souls with Inquisitor and Warden as off souls. Other Rift PvP guides will suggest Inquisitor-Cabalist builds but frankly do not use this build as it is just an undesirable man’s mage, PVP build. Purifiers, in contrast, have excellent healing abilities and the high damage belonging to the Inquisitor’s Purge ability might be a formidable character in the PvP battlefield. The Purge gets hold of grants and the opportunity to strip healing after some time spells, shields, and buffs rendering the enemy bare and naked especially against Focus Fire. The minor focus on the Warden off soul grants heal in time spells as auxiliary function while waiting to re-max.

Rogue characters can benefit from a Marksman-Bard hybrid on his or her Rift PvP guide and we all agree; Marksman deals great damage while buffs result from Bards. Melee is a strength in the Rogue class and Rogues are great support classes in any PvP setting particularly with strong allies that have already excellent close combat abilities.

Mage PvP characters work off the Stormcaller and Dominator souls however in general are weak for warfronts. Still, the Dominator is known  generally as a versatile main soul that will easily get used to PvP demands and coupled with Archon and Stormcaller possesses potent debuffs that will do much damage in the PvP battlefield. Intelligent using abilities like Knockback when assaulting the vault in Codex would make the Mage a strong warfront character. However it uses a great quantity skill to work.

The healer has become the essential characters inside the Rift universe. Maybe you are checking out keeping the tank alive in PvP, invasion or dungeon scenarios or preserving a giant group, a fantastic healer often times will be a significant difference between success and failure.

The healing is solid in addition. As you might expect which includes a Purifer main soul, you’re least effective within the first couple of moments of a fight. But if you want to know more about the Purifier click here and check out our videos!

Generate the Best Rift Cleric Purifier was designed to give you tips to successfully and quickly level up!

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Rift Supremacy


Rift Supremacy

Rift Supremacy the ultimate in game guides even includes video!

Rift Supremacy will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Supremacy review

Rift SupremacyI was honestly struggling to level up in Rift and getting really frustrated. So I started looking for guides. Every guide that I bought led me in the wrong direction. I came across Rift Supremacy, I was not sure to whether buy it or not ( I had lost my money in other guides before). I decided to take the risk one last time and thanks that I did. There is lots of bogus information going around regarding Rift leveling and after trying all of that information in the game I can say that it will actually make your gaming experience worse. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of gaming.
Whats Inside The Rift Supremacy Guide?

  • A complete guide to reach level 50 in a fraction of time.
  • Video Tutorials to level up faster.
  • Full PVP guide that will give them the best builds to dominate people and get noticed.

Does Rift Supremacy Work?

I started my Rift journey with the Rogue class. Something about being secretive excites me. Besides the Rogue class excels in quick mind and quicker blade. As I started my journey I quickly realized that I will need some help if I wanted to succeed and enjoy the game. So I started researching products and guides. I quickly came across a lot of them.

There were so many products and guides available online that it was hard to decide which one to buy and which one would actually assist me in Rift. With so many reviews available online none are of any help, they are mostly written by PR companies or by paid off marketing companies. Trials are also of no help since they just put you on a loop and you keep paying via credit card.

If you are desperate to succeed in the game like I was, If you want to level up fast, If you want to beat other players in PVP and if you want to master your class then you need to know the secrets of this game with a real guide. You will need to know where are the secret passages? Secrets items? etc. Unfortunately most of the guides wont show you how to do all this. They know it but wont tell you. Many players are actually using Rift Supremacy to guide them in the game while struggling to level and win PVP in the game.

Rift Supremacy is not a scam. It does not offer any additional products that you must buy on a regular basis, and it is not a money grab offer. It is a one time deal. A guide that you can purchase and keep with you all the time. Along with the guide you will also get many video guides to watch again and again to better your game. You can download it today and start applying the methods right now!

But the important question here is: Does Rift Supremacy work? There are thousands of players already using this guide to achieve level 50 and they are mastering PVP. It has guided players in the right direction and showed them the quick way to success. The biggest advantage for this guide is that it was designed by a speed runner – which basically means a gamer that has beat the game during the BETA (before it was released) and knows the path to take to 50 level REALLY fast!

Why choose Rift Supremacy Guide?

Simply put Rift Supremacy helps players level fast, master PVP and succeed to dominate the game.

Rift Supremacy is truly an out of the box guide with many features such as :

  • Easy way to level fast
  • Find hidden stuff and paths
  • Videos to learn from game play
  • Master PVP to beat anyone and win prizes

Not only that, many top players have mastered and now rule in the game because of this guide. This guide can make newbie an expert and help an expert turn into a game master. After reading this guide you will be ruling this game. As Rift is becoming more popular everyday, everybody is looking for a guide to master the game. You have the advantage of taking Rift Supremacy guide today and mastering the game. Think of it this way, you are playing the game without it and you see a new player, everything is fine and after 1 week he has got more level then you. You know what the difference is? The new player entered the game with Rift Supremacy.

Get it today and beat the masters of Rift.
Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Rift Supremacy?

The guide and the videos will get you to level 50 so fast that you will be shocked. You will start beating masters in PVP. You will find that you are enjoying the game a lot more. It has all the tips, tricks and methods you need at your fingertips.

Visit here for full info on Rift Supremacy.

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The Rift Cleric


The Rift Cleric

The Rift Cleric, the best healer in all of the Rift classes

The Rift Cleric will help you successfully and quickly level up in this hot MMORPG!

Rift Cleric The Rift Cleric class, in comparison to its damage and tanking counterparts, is typically relied upon for their healing, buffing, debuffing and disease canceling abilities. While Clerics are not the only ones who heal in the game of Rift, they are the best healing class available in the game depending on the branch choice. Many high end adventures will rarely see completion without one in tow.

The Rift Cleric has many diverting branches or souls; they include the purge by fire Purifier, the be good or suffer thy wrath Inquisitor, the defensive healing Sentinel, the shoulder to shoulder battle Justicar, the body inducing Shaman and the nearly inexhaustible healing Warden.

Each class specializes in an area of magic combination and can feature healing, debuffing and damage all in one. The Justicar for example thrives in combat because their magical abilities get better as often as they swing their weapons. Justicars can even heal automatically in tune to their swing. Shamans can attack, provide defensive buffs and provide supplementary heals. Purifiers harness internal fires to both heal and damage incoming opponents. Inquisitors combine death and life abilities, stripping opponents of power while they hammer away. Wardens are a slow and steady heal over time class that gets stronger as time allows. Sentinels use elite defensive magic to protect and heal its party. In short, clerics do not have to sit, wait and heal like many other RPG games.

A Rift Cleric will typically wear light to chain mail levels of armor. They also have the ability to wield shields as well. A Rift Cleric prefers to wield scepter or mace like weapons since their real damage comes from their magical abilities. Health is not as prevalent in this class as opposed to the Warrior. Clerics, with the exception of the Justicar class for example, do not do well when taking damage mid combat. Many of the class branches will focus on mid range support tactics.

As a Rift Cleric survival is the goal. Any enemy can be overcome through the light of determined healing, support and resurrection.

Below, are listed specific builds for the various Cleric souls… hope they help!

The Rift Cleric souls have many diverse strengths. In general the Cleric class hybrid is a healing / damage / support class. Depending on the soul trees you focus on will determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Cleric Purifier – Purifier Builds

This is a ranged healing class for clerics. This class also has some good buffs it can cast and works well in combination with other ranged classes. Purifiers also can res after spending 10 points in this soul tree. This class is weak on HoTs, CC, mana and AEH is limited unless you go deep into the tree.

  • Purifier Talent Builds:
  • Sentinel (3) / Purifier (51) / Warden (12) – PVE healing build.

Cleric Inquisitor – Inquisitor Builds

The Inquisitor focuses on single target dps, has some some aoe and buff abilities. This soul tree does not have much else going for it besides being strong for single target dps, not much in the way of protection or buffs.

  • Inquisitor Talent Builds:
  • Sentinel (10) / Inquisitor (34) / Cabalist (22)
  • Cabalist (11) / Inquisitor (35) / Sentinel (0) – Direct damage leveling build.
  • Cabalist (12) / Inquisitor (43) / Sentinel (11) – PVE caster build

Cleric Sentinel – Sentinel Builds

The Sentinel is another healing Rift Cleric, it has a lot of heals that effect more than one target and many that are instant cast. They are better suited paired with melee soul trees. They can also res with 10 points in this soul tree.

  • Sentinel Talent Builds:
  • Purifier (2) / Sentinel (32) / Warden (12) – PVE heal leveling build.
  • Purifier (12) / Sentinel (34) / Templar (20) – PVP healing build
  • Purifier (11) / Sentinel (39) / Warden (16) – PVE healing build
  • Purifier (3) / Sentinel (51) / Warden (12) – PVE healing build

Cleric JusticarJusticar Builds

This is the tanking soul tree for clerics. Putting a few points into this tree can give you some nice party heals and some damage and good armor buffs.

  • Justicar Talent Builds:
  • Druid (10) / Justicar (39) / Shaman (17) – PVP build
  • Shaman (19) / Justicar (29) / Warden (18)
  • Shaman (14) / Justicar (34) / Warden (18)
  • Warden (17) / Justicar (31) / Sentinel (18) – Multipurpose build
  • Shaman (11) / Justicar (35) / Sentinel (0) – Tank leveling build.
  • Shaman (12) / Justicar (44) / Druid (10) – Justicar Tanking Build.
  • Justicar (51) / Purifier (7) / Shaman (8) – Tanking build.
  • Shaman (11) / Justicar (51) / Sentinel (4) – PVE tanking build.

Cleric ShamanShaman Builds

The Shaman Rift Cleric soul is a strong melee damage class. Shaman use buffs called Vengeance, only one Vengeance can be active at a time and can be used for increasing damage, mana, or snaring targets.

  • Rift Shaman Talent Builds:
  • Shaman (35) / Druid (26) / Warden (5)
  • Druid (20) / Shaman (46) / Warden (0)
  • Justicar (11) / Shaman (35) – A Shaman leveling build, it goes to level 35. This is mainly a solo leveling melee build, it has high melee dps and good self heals. Third soul can really be anything but initially you want a healer class for it, start with Warden and later on switch to Druid.
  • Druid (10) / Shaman (51) / Justicar (5) – PVE melee builds

Cleric Warden Warden Builds

Healing Rift Cleric soul tree that mainly use health over time spells (HoTs). The Warden is good tree to spend some points in for melee clerics as the HOTs can you at max health.

  • Warden Talent Builds:
  • Warden (51) / Sentinel (15) / Druid (0) – This build grabs everything in Warden in order to gain AoE Utility. The downsides to this set up is that you take points in talents that you should never get any use in a PvE Environment, the biggest advantage to having 51 points is caused by the root talent Ocean’s Blessing; this talent increases HoT through-put by 6% and then an additional 3.6% per point after 36. This build has strong AoE and talents that support Warden playstyle.
  • Warden (44) / Purifier (21) / Sentinel (0) – This build makes the Warden play high proactive, able to get HoT effects and Shields into place. While also being able to deal with AoE Damage. The Sentinel Soul can be swapped out if the Cleric would find that a Faerie is going to be of more use then Healing Breath.
  • Warden (38) / Sentinel (18) / Purifier (10) – This spec is for PvE. It should give some of the most powerful talents possible. The deciding factor between this and 51/15/0 is the effect of Oceans Blessing which provides ~47% more powerful HoT spells but losses utility.
  • Purifier (5) / Sentinel (10) / Warden (51) – PVR healing build
  • Inquisitor (14) / Cabalist (32) / Sentinel (0) – Cabalist AOE Leveling Build

Cleric Druid Druid Builds

Druids are a melee dps Rift Cleric class that focuses on pets. The pets are the largest strength and weakness of the Druid. Druid pets strongly bond to thier masters and give Druids different abilities

  • Druid Talent Builds:
  • Shaman (29) / Druid (36) / Warden (0)
  • Shaman (11) / Druid (35) / Sentinel (0) – Pet Druid leveling build(to level 35). Satyr is the pet of choice, shaman is for glacial shield, sentinel is for healing breath. Rotation priority: Rage of the Fae > Combined Effort > Eruption of Life > Trickster Spirit > Fervent Strike

For the ultimate in game expertise and assistance, click here!

A Rift Cleric will assist you in successfully and quickly leveling up!

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Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5


Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5

Article by Sasa

Rift Warrior DPS Build for 1.5

Hello everyone today here i have a new build that has some changes due to new patch 1.5 it’s Warrior DPS Build and i hope you like it. You can use this build in any patch but it’s a new one.
This is Paragon, Champion, RiftBlade build in that order so Paragon will be our main soul here. With no more talk let’s cut to the chase and start building


Let’s start loading points put 5 on Duality of Mind, then max out Combat precision. Now stick 5 on Teaching of the Five Rings.
Put 3 on Double Jeopardy, leave out predictible movement and stick 3 on the Grace of the Five Rings that will increase your chance tou parry an attack when wielding a wepon in each hand.
Pick up Wrist strike, go one up and put 5 points in Flowing strikes, then pick up Bend like the Reed for instant energy.
Move on top and put 1 in touch of tranquility for a nerve strike to enemies neck then 2 in Improved Flowing strike, this will enable you to pick up Death touch. Tha is all for Paragon now moving on to next tree.


Stick 5 points in take no prisioners, max out Titan’s Strength then 1 point in Deadly strikes.
1 point in Grimm’s Satissfaction and pick up Thunderous kick, this abbility grants 1 attack point.
Pick up Battlefield Intimidation and Blitz that allows you to use Bull Rush in combat.
Stick 2 points in Lingering wounds and pick up Ruthless pursuit that removes all movement impairing effects.
Now max out Follow trough then at the top stick 2 points into Overrun this will stunt your enemy for 2 seconds. Ok that is all for Champion tree now the rest of our points we will be using in our next and finall tree.


Put 5 points in Elemental Flux and 5 points in Rift Fury also.
Now pick up Freeze Armor that gives you the skill to freeze enemies armor and take them 50% movement speed off and this lasts 15 seconds. For the final point we are going to pick up Improved Fork.

And there is our Warrior DPS Build finished. I hope you liked it. I did this very fast but normally when you play offcourse this goes much slower. So bookmark this page or copy it somewhere so you can come back. If you want more builds for Warrior or some other Class check the link below. Check out our blog here there is more Warrior builds.

Check out top Rift Leveling guide and get complete set of new 1.5 builds for both Defiant and Guardians here.

Click here and start dominating Rift 1.5
Read more at:

About the Author

Sasa Ilic

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Best Rift Warrior Builds for PvE


Best Rift Warrior Builds for PvE

Article by Sasa

Rift Warrior PvE Builds

Let’s talk about Warrior, this is next to Rogue probably the most popular class. Warrior has 8 souls that you can choose between. For active playing in game you can choose 3 souls to begin with but later on you can switch them.

Ok when you start the game with Warrior what you want to do is to pick a good PvE Build (player vs enviroment) for fastest leveling trough the game and in my expirience the best PvE Souls for Warrior are Paragon and Riftblade.

Paragon is the best leveling up soul and it should be your main soul for you follow up second and third soul you want to choose are Riftblade and Champon.

Why Champion soul?

Well there is a lot of souls to choose in between and lot of people maybe would go with some other soul but Champion is the best PvP Soul and should be in your PvE arsenal.

Riftblade on the other had is a great PvE Soul and when you take this one it will allows you to access to the Air Blade ability, which is a passive buff that significantly improves your damage.
This is very unussual class and what does that gives you a suprising amount of damage without any caster-oriented gear. And that is just awesome

PvE and PvE differs a lot and if you are starting in PvP (player vs player) than this is not the combination of souls that you should use for example Champion should be your main souls and for the third and second soul well on that some other time. I hope i gave you some guidelines on what souls should you use while staarting with Warrior in PvE.

Best Rift Warrior PvE Build Conclusion

Well to sum up when starting with Warrior chose Paragon as your main Riftblade as your second and Champion as your third soul. But if you want to participate in invasions and Rifts it would be better to use Riftblade for your main soul then. That is all from me now if you want more extensive info and guides on how to build this souls and souls of other classes check out the link on the bottom or in the bio box.

Read more at my blog:

Do you need any help in Leveling up in Rift?

Get The Best Guide Today and Fast Level yourself trough the game

About the Author

Sasa Ilic

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Rift Supremacy Guide Review! – An Honest Review for Rift Supremacy!


Rift Supremacy Guide Review! – An Honest Review for Rift Supremacy!

Article by Ayush Sharma

I bought this guide a month back and thought of giving it a try. I have been playing rift for just 2 months but i was starting to get frustrated cause of the slow level up and always getting beat up. BTW i was and am playing with a rogue character. I just love secretive characters. Say fable,WoW,rift etc always a thief or something. Well anyways after I started to get frustrated i started losing my mind on this game. So i started searching for rift guides and came across rift supremacy.

At first I wasn’t really sure about buying this guide. What if it was not as good as everyone tells? Such questions popped in my head. So I started searching its reviews and came across and read an honest review. Taking there advice i bought rift supremacy.

Just after starting with the guide I noticed the change in the gameplay and started leveling faster. Suddenly I was more powerful, I came to know stuff about my character i never knew before. The information I read in the guide made me realize that i was still a beginner in this game. The information was absolutely eye opening.

So just to test how effective this guide was I started a new account and started playing with a warrior character. I had expected that i will reach level 50 in probably months and was secretly hoping that the guide wont work and i will pin the blame on it. Unfortunately my hopes crushed as the guide along with the video tutorials were so perfect that I reached level 50 in just 2 WEEKS!!!

I was shocked like crazy was it possible that i just made my character reach level 50 in just 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks i also took parts in various pvp events and without doubt i won. This guide proved very fruitful. I cursed myself for not buying this guide much earlier while starting this game. I could have been a pro in no time and mastered and ruled the game.

If you are an online gaming freak and just love rift you have to get rift supremacy guide. It will change the way you play rift supremacy. You get video tutorials + a guide + a nice forum with all the fellow members exchanging tips and tricks. It’s the best game guide available for Rift and you will suffer if you miss it.

You can get the guide here – RIFT SUPREMACY GUIDE

You can read the most honest review here – RIFT SUPREMACY GUIDE REVIEW

I have been playing online games since I got a computer in my hand. I don’t even usually articles for some guides. But this one was so good that i had to write and let other people know.

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I review online gaming products such as RIFT SUPREMACY . You can check it out. Thanks so much for reading my article.

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Rift Cleric Guide – A Guide to the Most Versatile Class in Rift


Rift Cleric Guide – A Guide to the Most Versatile Class in Rift

Article by Riftfantastic

This short Rift Cleric Guide aims to give you an introduction to what is, probably, the most versatile class in Rift.

The Cleric is, first of all, a healer class – and the best healer in the game. The Cleric has not less than three different cleric souls from which to choose, and they all differ depending whether you want to be raid healer or tank healer. If you want to roll a healer, Cleric should be your first choice.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Clerics are very, very good at DPS (Damage Per Second). They have both ranged and melee damage and even a soul with a pet (a very ugly, but very useful fairy) if needed. They can heal as they hit.

As well as this, Clerics make reasonable tanks. The Justicar soul is a tanking soul.

To be honest, Mages generally have better DPS than Clerics, whilst Warriors make better tanks. And these two factors may be the only weakness of the Cleric… If you can call that a weakness.

When you’re going to build your Cleric, you’ll have the choice between different statistics:

Wisdom: This is to regenerate your mana. If your preference is a healer, by all means make this your choice, and obtain as much as you can. If you decide on DPS or tank, wisdom isn’t important to you. You will prefer other statistics.

Intelligence: You are going to need a large amount. There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, intelligence increases your mana and you will have need for a large amount as it is the “fuel” of your spells.

Secondly, it will increase in proportion as to how much you heal or damage at a particular time. Even the melee DPS build has a talent to convert Spell Power to Attack Power, so you’ll definitely need it in this instance. The only reason you wouldn’t choose Intelligence is if you select tank.

Endurance: Endurance increases your maximum health. Tanking Clerics will need this. After 12 points spent in the Justicar soul, you will have an ability (Mien of Leadership) that will increase your Endurance by 90%, so you will very quickly obtain benefit from stacking endurance.

Spell Power: Unless you are a tank, you should have as much of this as you can. It increases your damage or healing capabilities.

Critical Hit: A Cleric already has a high crit in their talents, so you can take it if offered by the gear, but this is not a must.

Hit Rating: This means, in short, how often you hit and miss. You want a high Hit Rating because there is no point in hitting as hard as hell if you miss.

Depending on how you plan to play, you will mix the souls accordingly. You can easily mix only healing souls if you want to heal in dungeons or raid. You won’t need much DPS or resilience, since the group will be here to do that.

Or, you can mix dps, tank and heal to quest, so you have resistance to hits, with possibilities to hit your way through the mobs, together with a small amount of healing (this will be just for you, so no need to overdo it).

If you want to PvP, you will also have to find your place first: Do you want to be in the attacking or in the healing part? Choose between a mix of defense with heal, or dps with heal.

Furthermore, you can mix these different souls:

Warden: A Healer soul which focuses on healing over time spells, including Area of Effect (AoE) spells that also heal over time. Also has many good dispel abilities, but few full instant cast heals and no real “big heal”.

Sentinel: A Healer soul too, similar to Warden, but has more AoE heals.

Purifier: A Single target heal. This would be the tank heal soul. It heals at a fantastic rate, has big heals and also shielding abilities. As you would expect, it lacks in the AoE and Healing over Time.

Justicar: This is the tanking soul. It is weaker than the rogue’s or warrior’s soul but can still form a decent tank. The big advantage is that it has a battle resurrection, which is a worthwhile bonus.

Inquisitor: This is the 1v1 soul. It is very hard to defend against, has a lot of instant Damage over Time abilities, debuffs of your enemy and crowd control. No need to add that this soul excels at PvP.

Cabalist: This is a DPS caster soul. Not very good for survivability. Would be more suitable if you want to do heavy damage in raid or dungeon.

Shaman: At the opposite end of most other Shamans I have played in similar MMO’s, the Shaman in Rift doesn’t really have any healing of note. On the other hand, it’s a very tough melee DPS, and is capable of many very fast and deadly attacks and a multitude of buffs.

Druid: This is also a melee DPS. It has the pet that can be used to heal you, or to do damage when required. The pet isn’t very resilient and quickly goes down.

Templar: This is the PvP soul. It operates in different ways: better heal; higher DPS and better resilience.

Everything depends on your other souls and what you prefer. Do you want to keep on stacking resilience to a tank/melee PvP soul? Or do you want to add healing to the same soul? Perhaps you want to stack resilience to your PvP healer?

There is no “best mix” or “best healer specs”.

Everything depends on you.

What is your style? Where do your strengths and weaknesses lie? Do you tend to stay too long in a fight (then place points in tanking and self-healing)? Do you prefer to be at a distance?

Find your style and grow with your Cleric. Change the soul trees until you find the mix that will suit you best. You are the one in control of your character.

As you can see, if you choose a good mix (which is extremely easy to do with Cleric) then you can quickly have a very viable, strong and fun character with which to play.

Hopefully, this Rift Cleric guide will help you get started on the right footing.

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Rift Leveling Guide – How to Move Your Character from Level 1 to Level 50 as Quickly and Easily as Possible


Rift Leveling Guide – How to Move Your Character from Level 1 to Level 50 as Quickly and Easily as Possible

Article by Riftfantastic

Use this Rift leveling guide to start off running, and fully enjoy your game play in Rift.

The point in Rift, as in any other MMO, is that you start a character at level 1, and subsequently level it up to the maximum. In Rift, the highest level possible is 50.

You can see your level beside the picture of your character. There is an experience bar over your toolbars on the User Interface. It shows your progress towards the next level and, when this experience bar is filled, you gain one level and then begin to fill the next bar.

There are different ways to quickly level up in Rift:

* Quests

Throughout the game, you will meet quest givers. You can recognize them because there is a big exclamation mark (!) over their head. They will give you quests to do.

A quest can be to talk to someone; to gather different things; to kill monsters; to acquire a unique loot from special monsters – and many other varying tasks.

The quests can be handed back to the original quest giver, or to another quest giver somewhere else (generally this is to guide you into another zone of the game). When you hand in the loot, you receive a reward. Your prize will be money and experience points (XP), and sometimes even a piece of equipment.

* Kill, kill, kill!

Endeavor to kill as many mobs as possible on your way to and from your quests.

Mobs drop money and sometimes even awesome pieces of equipment. Even other items such as clothes (or skin if you have butchery and kill a skinable animal) can later be sold to the Auctioneer.

* Potions and Rest

When you go into an inn situated in the main or smaller cities, you can see you that are “resting”.

Check the top right corner of your screen, where you should be able to see a little black and green icon indicating this.

When you are sufficiently rested, you will notice that your XP-bar has changed color and there is a little vertical bar on it (unless you have rested for a long period of time, in which case it might be on the “next” XP-bar).

Each time you kill a mob, he will count for 200% XP and you will move towards this little vertical bar. When you hand in a quest, you “only” get 100% XP, and this will be similarly indicated.

Therefore, it’s a good idea that, before you finally log off, to initially log off in an inn or city where you can rest. This is especially important if you want to take a break with a particular character.

When you buy Rift for 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, you accrue “veteran rewards”.

These include XP-potions, which last 2 hours (even through death) and give you 100% extra of every kill you make. If you only have a few, keep them for the last levels, which can sometimes seem to go on forever

* Rifts

All through the game, you will meet Rifts. These will give you attractive rewards, called planataries, enabling you to buy better gear and obtain XPs. Take as many as you can while questing.

* Dungeons

Commencing from level 15, you can click on the Looking for Group icon (bottom left part of your screen) and join a random dungeon. This will be a cross-server, so you can be with people from other shards. Dungeons give interesting rewards, such as gold and XP. Take at least a couple each day so you can acquire these valuable items and XPs.

* Warfronts

Warfronts are PvP (Player versus Player) battlegrounds where a team of Defiants and a team of Guardians are opposed to each other.

You can take your first warfront, The Black Garden, at level 10 (but you generally don’t survive very long as the actual bracket is 10 – 19).

In each main city, Sanctum and Meridian, there are quest givers that will offer you special warfront quests. You can recognize them because of the color of the quest icon over their head. The exclamation mark (!) is of a different color than the standard one: The icon is blue for Guardians and red for Defiants.

Most of the warfront quests are daily, repeatable quests, so you can begin your day by picking them up. They give desirable rewards; they give you favor, which are special points you can use to buy PvP gear with and then, of course, XPs.

So, unless you are with a faction, or on a shard that always loses (which obviously then is a waste of time continuing), then doing the daily warfronts is a very good move for your XPs.

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