8 Rift Leveling Guide Tips for effective leveling: Rift Leveling Guides


8 Rift Leveling Guide Tips for effective leveling: Rift Leveling Guides

Why Do Rift Leveling Guide Tips Work So Well?

Rift Leveling Guide Tips will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Leveling Guide Tips  One of the biggest downfalls of MMO’s such as Rift, is that often, it takes time to be able to enjoy every aspect of the game, as you first must reach a level with your character that makes PvP, or high level PvE both worthwhile and enjoyable. Taking on any PvP opponent at a lower level, despite being of equal level, can be very humbling if not outfitted correctly, or have the right Soul build.

Deciding on a good PvP or PvE build is often best left to trial and error, by experimenting with different combinations, you can often find your favorite combo/template easily enough. If, however, you are looking for some pre-tested templates or Calling/Soul combinations, there are many rift leveling guides available that offer both.

Who Makes quality Rift Leveling Guides?

These rift leveling guides are often fully tested and proven to be effective by veteran and experienced players. However, they also offer much more than simple Soul builds, often they include time saving guides for leveling your character in a matter of days, not the weeks or even months it can take without a guide. Some of the tips you will receive in these rift leveling guides include: 

Essential Rift Leveling Guide Tips

  1. Questing generates more experience per hour than grinding, no matter if you’re in a group or not.
  2. Quests have waypoints, NPC’s, and more critical info supplied just by taking the quests.
  3. The questing areas are chained together from one quest line to another. Finish one group of quests, and you will be directed to the next, level and Calling appropriate set of quests, ensuring you do not get lost.
  4. Accepting missions from one NPC can/will trigger other quests from other nearby NPC’s, enabling you to make the most efficient use of your time completing these tasks. Enabling you complete multiple tasks and quest objectives at once.
  5. If you are offered quests up to 2 levels above your current skill level, wait to take these until you are at the appropriate level, as you may lower your experience per hour rate in the process. Accept quests that are 1 to 2 levels below your current level instead. You can still get full experience for these quests despite being lower than your current rank, provided you are not too far above them. Also, being slightly higher level can help you defeat these mobs easier and faster.
  6. If you want to try to level in Invasions or Rifts, make sure you complete them as quickly as possible, that way you get the biggest experience bonus. This is best accomplished in large groups.
  7. If chasing Rifts, do not attempt them solo, find a group. The time it takes to finish a mob, and navigate to the next Rift will be much longer than compared to when in a 20 man public group. In a group, you will be able to clear 10 Rifts or over 30 Invasions in 1 hour, and earn huge experience bonus’.
  8. Load up on dungeon quests before entering into any after you reach level 17 and gain access to the 5 man dungeons. These mobs drop highly sought after loot, having quests to complete as you work the dungeon make the mobs worth virtually double the experience.

Of course, the above list is only a partial example of some of the in-depth assistance contained in a quality leveling guide. Check out one of the best by clicking here.

Rift Leveling Guide Tips was written to aid in successfully and quickly leveling up in this GREAT MMORPG!

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