A Level 50 Player Gives You Some Guides To Play RIFT Well


A Level 50 Player Gives You Some Guides To Play RIFT Well

Level 50 Player says that dungeons are the most affective

Level 50 Player gives you suggestions and advice to successfully and quickly level up!

Level 50 PlayerThat’s my real experience in Rift. After about 10 days of playing Rift, I managed to hit level 50. I played more than I’d like to admit over the launch weekend (can you blame me?) but after that, I took my time and only played in the evenings and still managed to be one of the first players on my server to 50. Here I wanted to share with you everything I learned on the way to 50, so that you can level up faster while still getting all the good stuff.

The key to leveling quickly through the early levels is via questing. At early levels, quests seem to give great XP whereas this tapers off by a higher level.

Quest XP does not scale as well as monster and dungeon XP at higher levels. For example, a quest only gives around 4-5k XP by level 45; you can earn that much by killing just 10 monsters, both solo or group in a dungeon. You are able to kill monsters more effectively at higher levels (if you have a good build) and run dungeons faster.

Leveling up in dungeons is very effective. The first group players to level 50 on my server ran dungeons over and over again in a static party. This gave them tons of reputation and fast experience. I suspect their play was higher than mine on the way to 50, but it is certainly an effective approach.

Compare that to Rifts. While I have been able to solo all the way to level 5 in minor rifts, this only provides ~150 planarite for a max level rift. This is only about 2.5 invasions worth, yet since it takes many times longer than the 30-45 seconds it does to take out an invasion or foothold. With that said, you do get rare rewards for getting level 4 or 5 in a rift. If you can’t hit level 4 or 5 in a rift when playing solo, don’t bother with them and rather stick to invasions and footholds.

King’s Breach is not nearly as good for leveling up as Foul Cascade. The trash packs are harder and unless your group is a bunch of all-stars, the first room is quite hard to pull quickly due to all the patrols.

Still need help, click this link for video tutorials and maps to help you level up!

Level 50 Player has hopefully helped you successfully and quickly level up!

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