Beginners guide for Rift


Beginners guide for Rift

Those who have been playing the computer games since a long time must be in love with the new game which is recently launched by Trion Worlds. This game is known as Rift. People who love 3D games must already be playing this game for its fantasy theme in which it is set. Rift game is basically a MMORPG: massively multiplayer online-role playing game. The fantasy theme is quite attractive with respect to the color combination and the designs used in 3-dimentional mode. The game is based on the fantasy world of Telara.

To further explain the details and plot of the games in deeply it is recommended to not consider this game as similar to other online RPG games. RPG games are those games where you choose an individual person from the set of profiles having different skill set. Rift also has various profiles to choose from.

These are Callings, Roles and Souls. Starting with Calling, it is basically your prototype. This is one selection which cannot be altered later. So the choice has to be made firmly and with proper research and understanding how you want to play this game. It is different from other MMO games.

There are four types of Calling to choose form: Mage, Warrior, Rogue and Cleric. For beginner it is recommended to spend some time playing all these Callings and then finally select one. After Calling comes Role. Role is basically your part in the game, it is your character. You can choose from DPS or Healer, Ranged or Melee or combination of all of them. We can change the role and also select up to three roles for the calling already chosen Then Finally comes the turn of Souls. Soul is basically the attributes it refers to the skills and enhancements.

For each calling there are eight souls available and we can choose up to three souls for each role to complete the profile. The 60 odd points can be distributed among three souls selected by us.

Rift has so many combinations to choose from and each combination results in a different profile. Some profiles are too powerful as compared to the rest. This completely depends on how we are molding the profile skills. Taking into consideration the basic skills first and then the enhancement will make you understand how to proceed. The skill can be upgraded with the points and we can unlock more skills by spending points. There is lot to understand before finally playing rift game.




Paul has been playing rift since it first came out and now is able to move through the levels with great time.

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