Best Rift Classes – Best Callings in Planes of Telara Game


Best Rift Classes – Best Callings in Planes of Telara Game

This is what makes the Warrior the best PvP class in Rift.


Many players like to say that the Bard is overpowered and that it is the best class in PvP. The only reason someone could come to such a conclusion is if they have not yet played the game past level 19.


Sure, in the first tier of Warfronts (level 10-19), Cadence seems to be very, very good. It allows Rogues to dish out decent damage while healing the entire group for 10% of their max healthy every 2-3 seconds.


However, fast-forward to level 40, and everyone’s HP pool has increased by 3-4 times, but the damage of cadence has only doubled. Before you would get a 10% heal from Cadence and now you only get a 5% heal. By cutting this ability’s effectiveness, the Bard’s healing quickly goes from overpowered to hardly noticeable.


If you want to know what the best Rift classes are, look no further. Read this article to discover the best Rift classes for each of the roles in the game!


Unlike other games, in Rift are only 4 total classes (referred to as callings) available to pick in the game.


When you pick your calling, you have the option of selecting up to 3 (of 8+) “souls” to use with your calling. Since you can pick any combination of souls, each player can then create their own Rift class. There are several hundred possible Rift classes within each calling!


As a result of this system, the new Rift Planes of Telara game can seem confusing at first when it comes to picking your class. Fortunately, I have revealed the best classes for traditional RPG roles so if you already know what kind of class you like to play, this guide will help.




By far, the best healer in the game is the Cleric calling. No Rift class compares to the Cleric. Within the Cleric calling in particular, players will find that the Sentinel and Warden are the two best souls for healing. The other souls are for other roles (such as damage, tanking and melee).


The Bard soul (Rogue) and the Chloromancer soul (Mage) also have healing capabilities. Its abilities are very strong and I believe it to be the best single-target ranged DPS class in the game. With that said, a Pyromancer and Elementalist hybrid (Mage) is definitely up there for dealing damage.


The only class which does not have a high-damage option is the Cleric. However, the Cleric when properly talented is one of the best classes in the game for area-of-effect damage.


Best Tank


While there are a lot of viable tanks in the game, the Paladin soul within Warrior will be most people’s preference when looking for a tank. This soul has some of the best talents and the Warrior is the only Rift class that can wear plate.


Best PvP Class


While it is hard to specifically select one class to rule in PvP, the a Bard/Marksman hybrid is by far the most effective class I have found. This combination is able to deal very high damage while healing the entire group.


Most Flexible Class


The class that can play the most roles in Rift is the Cleric class. No other class can play a legitimate main-healer while also being able to be an effective tank or ranged DPS class.



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