Best Rift Mage Builds


Best Rift Mage Builds Guide-Dominate Rift With These Builds

Best Rift Mage Builds, the overlooked class

Best Rift Mage Builds was designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Best Rift Mage BuildsSadly the Mage is the most overlooked of the four Rift classes with many players feeling that they are not powerful enough. This is true with Mages in most other online games but not in rift because a mage can be an awesome choice in this game. This brief rift mage builds guide will show great builds for both solo and pvp playing.

You get to choose from three souls to use for your character, the first will be your main soul with the other two being secondary souls. This is where you must choose wisely as the wrong mixture will leave you with a weak character.

The great thing about this soul system is the variation that you can use for your Mage, a Stormcaller or Pyromancer soul will for example deliver massive damage per second. It is important to get your builds right for the type of game you play.

Rift Mage Solo Play Build

For this you need the Necromancer as your main soul, then you will want a pet and the best is the skeletal, these pets are great for fast leveling in the earlier levels. For the secondary souls use dominator and chloromancer, these are perfect as they give you the ability to cc and have instant heal.

Rift Mage Group Play Build

There are several builds you can go with here depending on what sort of style you play, you can be an attacker or healer with the healer being very hard to master so here is a quick Rift Mage build for attack. Your main soul just has to be the Pyromancer soul and then add Necromancer and the Warlock.

The Pets

As mentioned earlier the great thing about the Mage is the pet and in particular the skeletal horror pet. This pet helps you to keep a safe distance from your foes while at the same time damaging them. The skeletal horror is the first pet that your Necromancer can summon and it can be upgraded at later levels to skeletal zealot.

If you are having difficulty choosing you Rift Class then why not give the Mage a try, don’t be put off by the weakness of this class in other games because in Rift you can build a powerhouse.

They are just brief Rift Mage Builds and more in depth ones can be found using a soul calculator or by following a solid rift guide.

For great builds on all four callings visit Rift Supremacy by clicking here. Be sure to check out the great step by step tutorials!

Best Rift Mage Builds was written to help you successfully and quickly level up in this fantastic MMORPG!

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