Best Rift Warrior Build for Leveling is?


Best Rift Warrior Build for Leveling is?

Best Rift Warrior Build allows you to choose between damage dealing or tanking.

Best Rift Warrior Build will help you manage the 8 Warrior souls and successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Sasa

Best Rift Warrior PvE Builds

Best Rift Warrior BuildThe Warrior is probably the most popular class in Rift Planes of Telara game his plate-wearing class currently has 8 souls they can choose both which can fill damage-dealing and tanking roles. Actually when i think a little better Rogue is probably the funniest class to play with but Warrior is definitelly coolest

Ok for the beginning you want to pick a fastest leveling build for working trough the game (soloing pve) After the beginning you can switch to whatever end game you wish.

After a lot of playing this game I found out that definitely the best souls for warrior to go ether are Paragon and Riftblade. Paragon is definitely the best soul for leveling up.

For support souls, you want to get Champion and Riftblade. Just by having Riftblade equipped as one of your souls, you get access to the Air Blade ability, which is a passive buff that significantly improves your damage.

There is a lot of souls to chose but in my opinion for the third soul the best one is Champion.

Let’s talk about Riftblade for a minute. Riftblade is a very unusual class that involves using casted abilities to deal primarily elemental damage. This class actually does a surprising amount of damage without any caster-oriented gear.

While this class does not deal as much damage as a Paragon, it can deal a lot of damage from range. This has one particular benefit: Rifts and PvP.

Let’s not get into PvP now for this kind of play you need a different set of souls for example Champion should be the Main soul the. On that some other time

Warrior Leveling Builds Conclusion

My recommendation is that for typical players, go for the Paragon build with Riftblade and Champion as your sub-souls. However, if you primarily want to participate in invasion and rift events, try out Riftblade for a safe and effective leveling build that will allow you to participate in rifts. But his is not enough help.

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Best Rift Warrior Build starts with Paragon and is designed to help you successfully and quickly level up.

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