Best Rift Warrior Builds for PvE


Best Rift Warrior Builds for PvE

Article by Sasa

Rift Warrior PvE Builds

Let’s talk about Warrior, this is next to Rogue probably the most popular class. Warrior has 8 souls that you can choose between. For active playing in game you can choose 3 souls to begin with but later on you can switch them.

Ok when you start the game with Warrior what you want to do is to pick a good PvE Build (player vs enviroment) for fastest leveling trough the game and in my expirience the best PvE Souls for Warrior are Paragon and Riftblade.

Paragon is the best leveling up soul and it should be your main soul for you follow up second and third soul you want to choose are Riftblade and Champon.

Why Champion soul?

Well there is a lot of souls to choose in between and lot of people maybe would go with some other soul but Champion is the best PvP Soul and should be in your PvE arsenal.

Riftblade on the other had is a great PvE Soul and when you take this one it will allows you to access to the Air Blade ability, which is a passive buff that significantly improves your damage.
This is very unussual class and what does that gives you a suprising amount of damage without any caster-oriented gear. And that is just awesome

PvE and PvE differs a lot and if you are starting in PvP (player vs player) than this is not the combination of souls that you should use for example Champion should be your main souls and for the third and second soul well on that some other time. I hope i gave you some guidelines on what souls should you use while staarting with Warrior in PvE.

Best Rift Warrior PvE Build Conclusion

Well to sum up when starting with Warrior chose Paragon as your main Riftblade as your second and Champion as your third soul. But if you want to participate in invasions and Rifts it would be better to use Riftblade for your main soul then. That is all from me now if you want more extensive info and guides on how to build this souls and souls of other classes check out the link on the bottom or in the bio box.

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