Best Rift Warrior Leveling Specs-The Best Souls To Use For Your Rift Warrior Build


Best Rift Warrior Leveling Specs-The Best Souls To Use For Your Rift Warrior Build

Best Rift Warrior Leveling helps you put to best use the most popular calling

Best Rift Warrior Leveling will help you successfully and quickly level up!

Best Rift Warrior LevelingThe Warrior is always the character that is most used in any online game and in Rift it is no different. The cool feature in this game though is the way you can improve your Rift Warrior spec by using different combinations of souls. In this Rift Warrior Leveling guide I will show you the best three souls to use.

This particular build will use the Champion as the main soul, the Riftblade as the secondary soul and finally the Beastmaster soul. This is the best and worst part of rift. Best because the combinations are many and when you find a good one it feels great. Worst because you can waste away hours of your life trying and failing with different souls.

The Champion Soul.

This is the heartbeat of your fighting behemoth and is the perfect main soul for your rift warrior build. A great feature of this element is the bull rush, which is the ability to charge down your foe and inflict huge damage. If you want to perform bull rush when you are in battle then get blitz.

The RiftBlade Soul.

The big problem in a lot of online games is that warriors don’t have many long range attacks, so the Riftblade soul will be invaluable. Now, you have some great long range attacks, beware though because these are still not quite as powerful as the casters. What this soul does though is make sure that your rift warrior is not a sitting duck.

The Beastmaster Soul.

The third soul is Beastmaster and this is chosen because the main souls are where you want your points to go, so this soul gives you the most benefits while using no points.

Ok, there is a great Rift Warrior build that when leveled up is super powerful, of course your fighter will need Warrior armor and weapons. For armor get some plate but make sure that it has a strength bonus. The best weapon is a big powerful two handed one because the damage given out is massive.

There are a lot of other ways to combine souls to build your Rift Warrior but I find that this spec gives a good all rounder that is great for leveling up.

If you want to get a level 50 FAST then check out Rift Supremacy it is the ultimate rift levelling guide.

Best Rift Warrior Leveling has given you an excellent overview to this calling in Rift to help you successfully and quickly level up!

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