Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling Builds?


Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling Builds?

Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling Builds? You decide!

Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling Builds article will help you successfully and quickly level up in this hot MMORPG.

Article by Dana Hartsman

Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling BuildsWhen Trion Worlds announced that Rift: Planes of Telara will support addons this issued some controversy. Some players welcome addons with open arms while some think it’s not a good idea. The biggest comparison is with World of Warcraft that has hundreds if not even thousands of addons. There are addons that redesign UI, addons for boss encounters in dungeons and raids and all sorts of class related addons.

Over the time some addons (recount, gear score, boss mods) have become mandatory for a player that wants to take part in WoW raiding. Raid members are picked according to gear score, they are supposed to have boss mod addons and their performance is measured with recount. Tuning the WoW UI using addons is also another aspect players have been discussing for a long time.

There are players stating that addons are one of the things that ruined the friendly WoW community and they fear that addons might do the same thing in Rift. Certainly not all addons are considered harmful, addons that can enhance Calling knowledge like Rift warrior builds or Rift mage leveling builds are considered useful. The real issue is about damage recount addons and gear score addons.

In WoW these addons have become powerful criteria for character knowledge and performance rating. The phrase “GearScore has nothing to do with skill” is well known among WoW players and is the main counter argument of this addons overuse. What will happen if Rift will get a similar addon? The chances of this happening are pretty big. It’s up to players to decide how to treat it. As long as they put Calling knowledge and game skill beyond some gear rating the WoW situation won’t occur.

There are other suitable filters rather than gear score. For example, if a raid leader considers a warrior for a tank spot he/she can be asked about Rift warrior builds for tanking. A player that knows its Rift mage leveling build can be considered a player with calling knowledge so gear rating is not that important. It all comes down to common sense.

Same applies for addons like damage recount. The overuse of it can make a dungeon pug unbearable. There are situations when the top dps player keeps spamming party chat with damage meter so he/she can brag about it. Maybe one dps mage is trying out a new Rift mage leveling build or the warrior is still getting used to his new Rift warrior builds. As long as bosses drop no player should be hold responsible for his or hers dps. This is again a sign of maturity and common sense.

Will addons ruin Rift? That’s entirely up to its player base. Addons will definitely bring up some changes but only players can dictate if there will be good or bad changes. Players should keep in mind that addons are designed to enhance the gameplay not ruin it. On Rift official forums, among topics like Rift Mage leveling build or Rift Warrior builds players already have heated discussions regarding addons.
About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT.

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Can Addons Help RIFT Warrior and Mage Leveling Builds should help you successfully and quickly level up!

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