Current and Future Features That Enhance RIFT Rogue Builds


Current and Future Features That Enhance RIFT Rogue Builds

RIFT Rogue Builds as viewed through the patches

RIFT Rogue Builds, more changes in view!

Article by Dana Hartsman

Rift Rogue BuildsIf we take a look back at Rift 6 months ago and compare it to its current state we will see a significant number of new features. The game has gone through two major events and four big patches. Each added more content and additional features. The official forums are filled with active players and discussions about anything game related like Rift rogue builds and rogue leveling guides.

Trion representatives have announced several times that the game is evolving and more features are yet to be implemented.

One of these possible new features is player housing addition. A player’s house can be an instanced space (an entire building or a room in a building) that can be personalized with all kind of things home related: furniture, decorative objects, carpets, paintings, storage space and crafting tables. This has no effect on a character’s game play, it’s a “just for fun” feature. There are pros and cons on this matter.

Some players feel like such a feature is useless and developers should invest time in fixing game mechanics like Rift rogue builds. Housing is an RP feature and should only be implemented on RP servers. Will player housing be a premium feature? Some think that the Telara would become deserted, everyone will idle in their own home.

There are lots of players that support this idea just because it’s fun. What can be more comfy than having your own house in Freemarch, sitting in your chair in front of the fireplace while reading your rogue leveling guide. Or seeing how a Rift Rogue builds furniture for his house.

So far, there is no official response from Trion regarding player housing but the game already added features like “look for group” and addons so we may see player housing in later expansions.

The crafting system is another thing that players would like to be refined. Some believe that crafting should be made more complex. There could be some crafted items of the same quality as end game gear. Or Callings could have a benefit from picking up a certain profession. Rogue Rogue leveling guides suggest Outfitting is best for Rogues.

Another feature players would like to be added is boats. Boats could serve multiple purposes. For example they may serve as a transportation mean between distant lands or they can be similar to mounts only usable on water. They could carry one or multiple passengers. Another subject tied to boats it’s fishing and cooking.

Almost all MMORPG’s have fishing and cooking professions. Catching fish could also grant a little amount of experience so we may see a rogue leveling guide that teaches a player how to fish besides questing. Fish can be cooked and consumed to replenish health points or mana so this would be a useful feature.

Rift is just 6 months old. Probably some of these features will be added in a future expansion. Maybe we’ll see changes to the Soul system as well or maybe more viable Rift Rogue builds added.

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT.

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RIFT Rogue Builds enhanced was written to give you an overview of more changes in sight!

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