Cut your time to level in half with Rift Leveling Guides


Cut your time to level in half with Rift Leveling Guides

Article by London McKinley

Rift has been rapidly becoming a different obsession for me right along side of WoW. Even though the alternatives of playstyle on hand with each class makes the soul trees very attention-grabbing, I still find that I am wanting to play differant classes. Going from assassin to marks on my rogue just doesnt give me the satisfation that I am hoping for in a ranged class. I want to bust out a mage and blow stuff up!

Subsequent to grinding a rogue and warrior up the good old fashioned way, I decided to try a few Rift leveling guides. I averaged 8 days played with my initial two characters. It took me 8 days 2 hours to get my warrior to 50, and 7 days 21 hours to max out my rogue. As projected a patch afterward I really wanted a mage and cleric on my payroll. This put me on the quest for sufficient Rift leveling guides. A number of aggravating days later I realized there was just nothing even near to being equivalent to some of the WoW guides in existence. Trion’s attitude to add ons has made it hopeless to come across any Rift leveling guides with an in game interface. Add ons don’t take away any skillfulness involved with a challenge any more then the relaxed macro structure in Rift does. It would be fine if they would alter there attitude on add on support. The Rift leveling guides accessible at this point in time will require alot of tabbing out and checking at maps. After days of inquiries I determined to give two differant guides a try. I used one of the Rift leveling guides with my cleric. I then used an alternative differant but comparable guide with my mage. Both of the Rift leveling guides I used required flipping through web pages and looking up videos. This was dreadfully aggravating at first. After a bit of utilization I started to be more acustomed to the lack of an interface and started to fly through quest hubs like crazy. Even devoid of the customized in game interface, the Rift leveling guides that had been put together were very thorough. It looks to have been a bit less complicated in view of the single quest path for each faction. With the monorail type questing pace that Rift puts you on I still was proficient to fulfill more goals faster. I also realized a bunch of quests at hub regions that I had previously missed devoid of the Rift leveling guides.

It took me 4 days 1 hour to get my cleric from level 1 to level 50 with the support of the guides. This could have been a bit faster on another class. The cleric would seem to just naturally kill things slower. This is the price you pay for being impregnable I guess! The real astonishment came to me when I leveled my mage from level 1 to level 50 in 3 days 5 hours. With the advantage of a mean fireball, and Rift leveling guides I had this mage lumbering level 50 daily quests inside a week of initially starting the character off.

In conclusion, I was proficient to more than cut in half the time necessary to level from 1 to 50 with the current Rift leveling guides. I was very shocked by these results taking into consideration the need of an in game guide. Even while the game of Rift is very youthful, the current technolgy in Rift leveling guides still saves a ton of time. A number of of the guides profess to allow you to power level all the way up in less than 2 days. No matter what your play fashion entails, you can get to 50 faster with a little help. I individually enjoyed being capable to get to level 50 contents and warfronts at my latest pace.

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