Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?


Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?

Update guide for Rift 1.5 is necessary if you have not reached 50 yet!

Update guide for Rift 1.5, written to provide the path to successfully and quickly leveling up!

Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?

Update guide for Rift 1.5Well this depends on how good Rift player you actually are, now all of people need the guide. But the truth is that there is not a lot of good info out there on forums and all kinds of web sites.
Since you are on this page you must jave heard of the new 1.5 update for Rift. You know that the game revolves around 4 classes. Mage, Warrior, Cleric and Rogue, you also know that there are 3 souls that you can choose for your class. And now something that you maybe did not know, after the 1.4 patch things have change and in the new “Ashes of history” update some of the builds both PvP and PvE which stands for Player vs environment are no longer useful. The skills have changed. You need new builds. So you need to stay up to date with Rift game. If you want to continue or start dominating in Rift you need updates for new builds.

How should you get the new Builds?

Well you can start by going in the forums, but I assume you already tried that, the thing is that players will not give their best builds for free, no one will. So you will find mostly some “crappy builds there”. You can try and contact some of the players by pm that you see that rock in the new Updated Rift, that will probably be the same outcome as in the forums or you will have to wait a lot to hear from him.

And the third option is to check some of the Rift Guides for this. But my advice is if you are going to do this. Check some of the best guides that have already been updated to 1.5. I have a guide that I personally use for this it’s the Rift Supremacy guide, that’s already been updated for 1.5 Ashes of history. The good thing about this guide is that when you get it now you will never have to worry again, you will get all the updates completely free. I have reviewed a lot of guides and builds and of all of them I have found only two are worth  mentioning one is Rift Supremacy guide and the seconds is Rift Xerxes Guide.

Check out top Rift Leveling guide and get complete set of new 1.5 builds for both Defiant and Guardians here.

Update guide for Rift 1.5 was designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

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