Essences: The Way to RIFT Power Leveling Builds


Essences: The Way to RIFT Power Leveling Builds

Article by Dana Hartsman

A Planar Focus is an item that can be equipped in its own specific slot just like any other piece of armor. Planar Foci got nothing to do with Soul choice so they can be used with any Rift leveling builds. Planar Foci for Guardian players are also known as Sigils (i.e. Sigil of the Sword, Sigil of Ascendance) and Defiant players call them Source Cores or Source Engines (Expanded Source Engine, Energized Source Core, etc).

Upon equipping a Planar Focus a player gains access to multiple slots that can be socketed with planar essences. Planar essences enhance player stats, combined with strong power leveling builds they can speed up leveling.

A planar essence can be of two types: lesser or greater. Lesser essences usually give a boost to primary or secondary stats and resistance. Greater essences are a bit like trinkets. Upon dealing damage or healing they trigger some event (a significant stat boost that lasts for several seconds, a self-heal or additional damage).

Planar essences, lesser or greater, are obtaining as rewards from closing down rifts, defeating invasions or can be bought from planar vendors. During Rift events these essences can bought from specific event vendors in exchange for event currency. They are particularly useful for pre level 50 player because most of the times their quality is superior to the regular ones found at vendors. A better essence can significantly improve the efficiency of power leveling builds.

Given the diversity of Rift leveling builds for a Calling there are various things to consider when equipping a planar essence. First of all lesser or greater? Which goes better with power leveling builds? The number of allowed essences and their nature depends on the equipped Planar Focus. The first Planar Focus is earned around level 9-10 as a quest reward. It allows only 2 lesser essences to be equipped. Upgraded Planar Foci can be purchased from planar goods vendors in exchange for planarite. The most powerful Planar Focus allows 4 lesser essences and 2 greater essences to be equipped. When two greater planar essences are equipped they must be of different families.

When selecting essences a player must keep in mind his or hers primary stats. Even if there are multiple types of essences for a Calling they usually are build dependant. Lesser essences are useful for that stat increase they provide. So the thing to look at is stats and their relevancy. Resistance is not that important. Stats come before resistance when selecting a lesser essence. If a player has multiple Rift leveling builds, essences should be picked in accordance with the performed role.

Same holds true when picking greater essences. The chosen build dictates what kind of essence to pick. A player with a healing build will naturally chose a greater essence with a heal proc. Players with offensive power leveling builds will prefer an essence that procs damage or stat buff.

Even if they seem not to add much to Rift leveling builds essences do have their importance. A stat increase or proc is always nice and sometimes it may help you overcome difficult situations. If you want to have viable power leveling builds essences are definitely something that should not be overlooked.

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