Free Rift Bots


Free Rift Bots

Article by Jeremy Heiner

Would you like to bot in Rift: Planes of Telara? Rift bots are tools designed to play the game for you, earning exp and platinum. The purpose of a Rift bot is to earn your character experience, reputation, profession skill points, or platinum coins. Most bots are incredibly complex, and therefore need to be updated after each game patch to work.

Botting in MMORPGs hasn’t ever been easier. Bots have incredibly streamlined UIs, with guides and straightforward configuration. It once was that bots had hundreds of settings options you had to work through in order to properly run them. There are so many people botting in Rift that you likely see one each time you play but don’t recognize them. When configuring a Rift bot you’ll first need to load or create a waypoint file, which tells your bot where to go to gather or fight monsters. For this step you have got to start recording waypoints, and then moving your character throughout the game world to generate a path. After this it is time to setup combat. The bot doesn’t understand which spells and abilities you have, or the optimal rotations, which means you will need to configure this. As you get more proficient with your bot you’re going to get closer to mastering your combat setup that should improve your experience earned per hour. You’ll encounter a few basic options and settings you will have to change, but other than that you are all set to start botting!

A concern for some people when they are thinking about botting are the risks. When some people think of botting they’re certain they’re going to have their account suspended or even banned. Nowadays this is a very low risk. Rift does not have any anticheat, and thus cannot easily detect the botting software on its own. A botter’s only risk is being reported by a player for botting and subsequently being observed by a game master. There is no need to worry about this usually since bots are so sophisticated today and act just like a player, moving and fighting realistically. Providing you are sure to make a good waypoint path and setup your combat well, you’ll appear as being a normal player.

We don’t all bot for the same reason. Many people get tired of doing the exact same quests on a new alt, and would like to powerlevel that character up so they can get to dungeons, raids, or pvp content. Other people just like to bot for the fun of it, and a few only desire to bot to attain extra platinum or rep. You might want to catch up to a friend, or level one of every class to 50, the choice is up to you.

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