Get Started With This Rift Defiant Leveling Guide, Quickly and Successfully Level Up


Get Started With a Rift Defiant Leveling Guide. It’s a Great Way to Successfully and Quickly Level Up

Rift Defiant Leveling Guide will assist in gameplay in the Best, Newest MMORPG Out There, Rift!

Want to know what to do and where to go, then get started with the Rift Defiant Leveling Guide below:

Get Started With This Rift Defiant Leveling Guide, Quickly and Successfully Level UpOne of the attributes of the Rift game¬†that makes it unique is that it presents a personalized gameplay for each and every character that is created but one of the difficulties with this fairly new game is one’s ability to successfully and quickly level up, without giving up but getting started with this Rift Defiant Leveling Guide will help! At the very foundation of this concept is the use of Rift factions to determine which part of the map will a player start. For Guardians, this takes place at Mathosia while for Defiants, it all begins in Terminus. This short summary will focus on the Defiant‘s trek through the world of Telara and presents a brief overview of a Rift leveling guide in terms of where exactly to go to and what to expect at each leveling range.

Getting Started with the Rift Defiant Leveling Guide begins at Terminus, young Defiants are introduced into the concept of questing and leveling up. The gameplay is straightforward at this stage requiring no more than following quest lines, sticking to the existing path and taking out the enemies as they appear. It would help, however, to know that there is no need to engage all mobs this early in the game. Simply stick to the available quests and focus on learning the ropes for Rift before you set your sights on more challenging game situations. The Terminus area should be fully explored by the time you reach Level 7 and this level should also be sufficient for the young Defiant to pick three souls to cultivate in the soul tree.

Once you exit Terminus and get to around Level 10, the game will essentially start to drag longer. Hone your skills from Level 11 to 12 on Eliams Field. Use this time to gather money and get a mount to travel to farther areas faster. You might also want to check out butchering as a profession¬† because this also helps in leveling but once you get a mount, it’s basically more practical to use it roaming around rather than standing still and hacking away at mutated meat. Before you start finding your way into more challenging areas, take your time to get to Meridian where you will learn Soul Recall, an ability that allows you to teleport to locations you have previously visited. Even with a mount, you will still save considerable time and resources teleporting from one place to another rather than aimlessly wandering until you get to a suitable location that you want to cleanse.

At Level 18 to 20, you will start to gain access to the dungeons. Your first challenge is completing Iron Tomb. Find a group that you can trust and work on this area until you have completed it. The Iron Tomb is typically good for Level 19 to 23 and should give you a fair bit of challenge so you will continue enjoying the game as you go forward.

The next portion in this Rift Defiant leveling guide will take you to Scarwood Reach which should satisfy your fix from Level 27 to 33. From here, take King’s Breach from Level 35 to 40 taking careful time to go through the quests to develop your character as well as gain possession of valuable items that you can use, sell or trade eventually. Beyond this point, you will need to start doing Rifts and PvP to continue leveling up to Level 50. Any Rift leveling guide will tell you this part is a pain but it is doable and also offers great rewards. For more questing, head up to Stillmoor but we promise you, there is more fun in PvP.

Enjoy your growth as a Defiant and bask in the glory of your strength taking you to the top of the Rift peak for without your wise and cunning ways, you would have not gotten this far and this powerful.

This Rift Leveling Guide is proving to help many gamers save huge amounts of time and frustration.

Click here for a snapshot view of the step by step videos to successfully and quickly level up to 50!

Hopefully this post about getting started with the rift defiant leveling guide, successfully and quickly has been helpful, come back for more!

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