How To Collect Rift Gold Quickly-More Gold Means Faster Leveling


How To Collect Rift Gold Quickly-More Gold Means Faster Leveling

Like any other online role playing game the more gold you have the faster you will be able to level up and rift is no different. The trouble is that a lot of people seem to struggle collecting good amounts of Rift gold. The main problem is that collecting this stuff takes time and people just want to rush through the game. I play rift with a different mindset in that I want to get my moneys worth, so I take my time and alternate between doing quests and collecting Rift gold.

Here are 5 ways to get gold in rift.

1. It makes sense that the bigger your bag the more money you can have. So always use the biggest bag at your disposal. I sometimes just plough through the land filling my bag up in order to have plenty of things to sell.


2. The temptation in these games is to just go out looking for action but a wise thing to do is get a couple of gathering professions. Now instead of buying leather, wood etc you can make your own for personal use and of course to sell to other players.

3. When you just start out in Rift and want gold it is a good strategy to pick up anything that has a sale value, collect and sell and you will make a lot of rift gold.

4. In your early days in the game crafting can make large amounts of money, especially if you concentrate on making and selling big double handed weapons, these are always sought after. In later levels I drop the crafting because it can be a real drag.

5. Study and master the auction houses, make a note of what kind of price items sell for and then when you put items up at your auction house you will always get a fair price. Rift gold is not easy to get hold of but these auctions can make a lot of cash if used properly.

There are a lot more ways to make rift gold but the 5 tips above should get you well on your way.

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