How to Get a Lot of Gold in Rift ? 3 Secrets for Power Leveling Faster Than Ever!


How to Get a Lot of Gold in Rift ? 3 Secrets for Power Leveling Faster Than Ever!

Here are a few tricks for making an insane amount of gold while leveling in Rift

If your intention is to power level at warp speed, while reducing your wasted traveling time by more than 50 percent, then you’re going to need a keen strategy to acquire an insane amount of gold. I have discovered some truly amazing secrets which allow me to do just that, and in this article, I’m going to share three of them with you. 

The first thing you need to do (and this is really no secret at all) is to get yourself a mount, if you haven’t already. This allows you to operate far more efficiently, which is truly the name of the game when it comes to power leveling in Rift and acquiring huge quantities of gold. Aside from that, here are the 3 secrets you should consider implementing: 

1. Buy larger bags! Common sense will tell you that the bigger your bags, the more they can carry. Additionally, this will significantly reduce the time you need to spend returning to the vendor. Increasing your bag size is critical, and you should treat the acquisition of such bags as a top priority. 

2. Go and do the “Mutated Meat” weapon quest at Eliam’s Field. This will assist you in killing the boars in that area very quickly. These particular boars provide you with about a 20% chance of getting valuable Tough Sinews. These can bring in one gold each, if not more. So spending a good amount of time “slaughtering pigs” can really have you leveling up very quickly. Eliam’s Field is located at [6493,4846], a defiant side area. You can start doing this at level 10. 

3. If you’re at level 15 and are still without a mount, go to [6161,5483], where you can start grind Forest Stalkers/Strikers. They are extremely easy to kill, don’t give you a bunch of downtime, and have a 10 percent chance of dropping valuable Length of Spider Silk. These are also worth one gold apiece. 

There are many additional strategies that you can learn and put into practice which will assist you in getting a boat load of gold and leveling up with incredible quickness. These 3 are only the beginning, yet you should make sure to do them to the best of your ability because they WILL help you get lots of gold and power level very effectively. So do these three first, and then move on to more advanced leveling strategies as you gain more experience.

I hope these tips help you level up quickly in Rift!

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