How to Level a Warrior in Rift Very, Very Quickly!


How to Level a Warrior in Rift Very, Very Quickly!

If you’re looking to level a warrior in Rift with incredible speed and minimal downtime, I know this article is going to help you accomplish this goal. I’ve picked up on a handful of secrets that have allowed me to level a warrior like you wouldn’t believe. I’m going to share a few of these secrets with you here and now. 

Why should you listen to me? The truth is, I’ve been playing Rift from beta and I’ve got a level 47 warrior that only took 4 and a half days to grind to! The secrets I share with you are based on personal experience and can dramatically increase the speed of your leveling by introducing sneaky ways of questing and soloing minor rifts. 

So let’s get right to it, okay? 

You’re going to want to select the following 3 souls: 

1. Warlord – 2

2. Champion – 32

3. Beastmaster – 32 

A primary goal that you want to strive to reach is to strengthen your pet to the point where he is able to solo creatures all by himself. You also want to be able to kill creatures (lg. burst damage) with a two-handed sword. To accomplish these things, you need to place almost all of your points in Champion (while you’re still between levels 1 and 25). Also throw a few points into Beastmaster. 

An example would be to have 26 points in Champion, 15 in Beastmaster, and 0 in Warlord. This soul tree composition will get the job done, but again, this is really only applicable up to level 25. 

Of course, it is always important to keep your pet from dying in battle. He will act as a shield by taking diverting a mob’s attention, allowing you to personally take less damage. But if he dies, all of the mob’s attention will be put on you exclusively, so be careful. 

It is also important that Might Blow, Fierce Strike, and Power Strike are the three a.p. generators that you’ve spammed to. You should, in the earlier levels, use finisher (Deathblow or Punishing Blow), and always make sure that you’re keeping your buffs up. 

Minor rifts and solo questing are greatly enhanced by using this build, and it will enable you to blaze through mobs with absolute ease. Just be sure to perform minor rifts between quests. 

Finally, use the power of rotation to stun your enemy. Do NOT allow your pet to die! Switch between your pet and yourself using Agro. Beginning with Fierce Strike (bonus) and then moving to Powerstrike/Might Blow will help you build up attack points. When you’re ready to use these attack points, hit your enemies with Deathblow or Punishing Blow and watch those mobs die with the quickness! You can then charge to each mob, opening with Bloodthirst. 

Rinse and repeat, and you’re well on your way to leveling a warrior in Rift with lightning like speed.

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