How To Make RIFT Platinum From Materials And Crafting?


How To Make RIFT Platinum From Materials And Crafting?

As Rift is actually a relatively new game, it is not easy to estimate at this time what will and will not be useful because the economy of the Rift naturally evolves over time. Anything you can think of today can become worthless yet invaluable later, or vice versa, but the rift platinum is constant. The highest currency level in Rift is of course RIFT Platinum.

Here I will show you how to make rift platinum from materials and crafting:

Make rift platinum from materials as much as you can:

Typically, in the beginning of a MMORPG as Rift designed items normally are less valuable than material. This happens because the players will try to start bidding for different resources so they can level up and because most artifacts will initially be sold at a loss. A good way to avoid getting involved in this vicious circle is to get all 3 of the gathering professions yourself. They are “cherry picking”, “mining” and “butchery.” With one of these professions in hand, you can easily get your own team with the missions. If no immediate application of the materials collected, an individual always has the option to reserve for use or sale by the end of drag.

Be wealthy in crafting:

If you choose to be a weaponsmith, you’ll be crafting items such as the Iron Hunting Rifle and then selling them for very good profits. It’s a green-quality weapon, but it’s going to be good enough to earn from 75 rift gold to 1 platinum probably for the first few weeks before things change. If you choose to be a runecrafter you’ll be able to make a good profit too, because runecrafters don’t compete with quests when it comes to selling runes. A downside to that is lots of players won’t be searching for runes because they’ll replace their gear often. If you’re going to level up with runecrafting it’s going to be expensive, but the first person to max level will turn a nice profit by selling top-level runes to those players who are just getting to 50, and are dressing their characters in runes.


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