In Rift-The Best Three Soul Trees To Build


In Rift-The Best Three Soul Trees To Build

Article by Roger Quick

The best three soul trees

* Elemental Summoner, Chloromancer, Warlock – 23

* Elemental Summoner – 32

* Chloromancer – 11

At the beginning, use 5 in earth elemental, then go directly to cloromancer and pick up 11 points which allows your elemental to get healed because he will tank in a short time, then you can heal yourself. So just go ahead and follow elemental summoner to the greater summon.

The very next move is to spend these points in warlock which will add to your damage output with dots.

This build will add to your capability to pull various mobs, then all you do is sit and spam the macro:

Here is your suppressmacrofailures

/cast Withering Vine

/cast Life Leech

/cast Ignite

/cast Dark Touch

Now by only hitting one button, it will be easy to put up all your damage over time spells.

Be aware that you must keep debuffs flowing and your buffs up. All the damage you do will heal your pet. It will also heal you, and that helps to keep your minion alive.

Here is your Stats

Mages totally rely on Intelligence for their mana, and also gain spell power equal to 50% of the total.

This is the order of importance

* Spell power

* Intelligence

* Wisdom

* Spell critical

In precisely that order. The reason spell critical comes last, is because it is only 50% of a damage over time, and that is not very effective.

Deciding on Soul Trees

In Rift, you are always coming across soul trees while you level your character. There are always decisions to make regarding what path you should take. You have to decide which soul talents to go with, and the best way to spend points on them. Speed leveling requires a different build for each class, so if you have to spend the time figuring out each build, it will take multiple hours of research and a great many days of trial and error to arrive at the steps necessary to level to 50.

A big advantage to level 50 in Rift

We have discovered a team of experienced gamers that spent hours conquering the game, and have developed absolutely the best way of leveling and show how to best use the four classes and their nine different souls. I am sharing some of these secrets here to help you level faster.If you want to boost the speed at which you level, just keep reading.

Check this soul tree secret tip

When the going gets tough, the characters that have pets level much faster and easier, as they have someone else to tank for them. Pets will let you cast whenever you desire, and at the same time the pet then takes all the damage, which dramatically improves your damage output.

A good Rift power leveling guide will definitely increase your experience flow, and greatly decrease your downtime, and that will allow you to speed up your leveling very quickly. This guide should be easily understood and be able to explain the different classes, their functions and preferred stats so you can find the most efficient way to play your character.

Good stats also provide the location of soul trainers that you need badly while leveling. By leveling your soul tree, you will be sure to dominate all through the Rift game, and not have to invest all those tedious hours and spend your gold, to respec your class.

To boost the speed at which you level, you’ll find the step by step instructions included, makes killing mobs faster and easier. You will determine the best way to spend your points, and use the abilities from the soul tree in the ultimate rotation.

Rift-Levelinguide provides all the needed information on Soul Tree Builds, and everything you will need to level to 50 in 48 hour in Rift. Every Serious Rift Player Must Read It.

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