Killer Guides Launches an Unofficial Rift Strategy Guide


Killer Guides Launches an Unofficial Rift Strategy Guide

Article by Jam.johnsen

For MMORPG fans, the competition to the top is a never-ending story. The most heated competition usually takes place when the game is first launched; to be the very first player to hit the level cap. The thrills of knowing you are one of the very first to enter that dungeon, fight against that monster and share your experience about it to lower level players is indescribable. It’s the feeling of pride and victory that drives us gamers to continue competing to be the first in everything (yes, I too am a gamer).

Gamers resort to all sorts of tools and support they can find to beat the competition. In Rift, leveling also means using money. As such, Rift gamers range from doing everything on their own, to buying gold from gold sellers, using macros and bots, or even power leveling services. All of this, risk getting the gamer’s account banned.

When it becomes absolutely necessary to get help while playing Rift, the best way to go will have to be getting a game guide that contains 100% legit content; no hacks or any other illegal methods included. The Killer Guides publisher offers exactly that. Besides sharing some of the most advanced Rift tactics to level up quickly, fly through all the important quest and providing expert’s advise for setting up character abilities, use of the guide does not lead to any account bans.

The Killer Guides Rift Strategy Reference is, as a matter of fact, the very first unofficial Rift guide ever to be released. The early preparation for the guide enables the guide publisher to develop not only one of the very first Rift manual that is released, but also one of the best. As depicted at the Killer Guides online shop, the Rift manual include strategies that makes sure gamers hit the level 50 cap in no more than a week while enjoying the experience throughout. In addition, the manual provides a complete dungeons overview, the best raiding tips as well as strategies to fight and make gold effectively.

About the Author

The author of the article is a dedicated MMORPG gamer who has attempted all the major titles and is currently playing Rift. He shares his know-how at Rift related websites and has also contributed to the makings of Killer Guides Rift Strategy Compendium.

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