Level Fast In Rift: Planes of Telara


Level Fast In Rift: Planes of Telara

  Eager to learn the methods to level fast in Rift? We are giving you few ways that can help you in Rift leveling and to reach the higher levels in just no time. Let us have a look on the ways that can help to level fast in Rift.

Rift leveling, like other MMORPGs


These days the RIFT is among the most popular MMPORGs. There are very interesting missions that makes the game really great. Many different characters are there that allow you to do different tasks. For instance, many different rewards are available for different missions. You can earn the experience points after completing the different quests. Completing the quests is the most important thing for leveling up to level 50.

Never take different quests at one time


Playing in a single quest in single zone is more beneficial as it help you to gain more experience. Don’t hassle or play too many quests at the same time in order to earn more as it won’t help you to earn anything. You need to speed up in order to complete more quests in less time. Just stick to single quest at one time. It will also help you in speeding up to level fast in Rift.

Go for simple high EXP Quests instead of difficult ones that can slow your leveling speed dramatically


Fast Rift leveling can also result by taking simpler quests instead of the tough ones. Sometimes clearing a difficult quest could take more than 30 minutes whereas in the same time you can finish many easy quests. Difficult low experiance quests were put in the game to slow the player down, This can get very frustrating and tiring.

Invasions and Rift Leveling

While playing, as soon as you take out the Rift’s invaders in a game you will earn some experience but you can earn the huge amount of experience after winning the game. For completing a particular level also leads you to earn some sort of reward. So to earn more and more experience try to complete the rifts and invasions as soon as possible. It is advised not to waste the time in running after the Rift Invasions by yourself as it won’t help you in earning much EXP.

  Playing in a public raid is more beneficial as you could pass more than 30 invasions clearing 10 rifts and earning a lot of experience points and other rewards. If you have other players with you then only take rifts and invasions with one-enemy. Avoid doing the solo rifts.

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