Leveling in Rift


Leveling in Rift

Article by Mike Hartwig

Much of the Rift‘s fun comes from its flexible game design. While like any MMORPG the emphasis of the game is on leveling, Rift offers a number of different pathways towards achieving this end. This allows for gamers with very diverse interests to all team up and have a great experience in the varied and always tumultuous world of Rift. The advice offered below isn’t exhaustive; in fact, it only begins to scratch the surface. Use these leveling tips as a foundation for building your own unique Rift experience!

Quests: The first and most obvious way to level in Rift is through questing. Just like the average MMORPG on the market, Rift offers players a number of missions, or quests, that reward the player when completed. Quests range in terms of challenge, demand and type, making some more valuable than others. Differentiating between the worthwhile quests and place filler quests can be challenging, but as a rule of thumb, do those quests which interest you most. Leveling fast is great, but if you aren’t having fun while doing it what’s the point? If you find a quest which interests you, go ahead and do it. You won’t notice it as grind and in the end, the reward will only be the icing on an otherwise enjoyable experience. Many guides will tell you to farm easy quests for quick xp; I encourage just the opposite. Ignore the silly quests and enjoy your playing time!

Rifts: Without doubt,the major appeal of Rift–besides its obvious similarities to another well known title, World of Warcraft— is its use of the unique random encounter system based on Rifts. Rifts are tears in the world which randomly open up, releasing waves of ghoulish enemies up to no good. These Rifts are dynamic, challenging and always thrilling. They also are great ways to gather experience! Rifts can often be good for a full level increase at the cost of less than an hour of game time. Definitely worth the trouble, if you can call a Rift that!

PvP: Player versus player combat in Rift is dynamic and thrilling. Whether you choose to participate in world PvP, finding players throughout the game world and defeating them in battle, or joining other players in instanced battle zones called Warfronts. Outwitting a human opponent can be deeply rewarding and on top of that, Rift offers you a nice little xp bonus. It really can’t hurt!

Grinding: I add this one only because I know it works. I caution to offer this as advice to beginners because they often become enchanted with the prospect of the game experience they might have in a week if they dedicate their time now to a grueling and boring grind. My advice to is to ignore the grind, unless you find it fulfilling. MMORPGs aren’t created with an end goal in mind. They are created to offer you an experience and by trying to face track that experience to some perceived extra good end, you miss out on some of the great fun that can be had along the way. Trust me, you’ll reach the level cap. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but sometime down the road you will. And you’ll thank me for telling you to slow up and enjoy the experience.

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