Master Telara: Xerxes’s Rift Mastery Guide – Review


Master Telara: Xerxes’s Rift Mastery Guide – Review

So, as many others can say, I’ve seen the Rift ads ALL over the internet, and as an avid MMO fan, I was very interested.

I saw ads for beta key giveaways on and signed up immediately. I got my key within a few days and tried it out. I was quickly overwhelmed with the complexity and in-depth gameplay of Rift… I needed help.

After exploring the internet looking for any form of help that was more than a couple posts on the Rift forum, I came across Xerxes’s guide.

As with most ‘miracle guides’, I was very skeptic. I didn’t want to waste my money on a guide that tells me the exact same thing the game did, and I know there are guides like that. But, feeling frisky, I tried out the guide.

For no more than , ordered my guide and got not long after. The guide was very well organized and was easy to follow. I found myself correcting everything I was doing wrong after only a few minutes of reading the guide, and feeling confident that I was no longer in a state of “So what do I do now?…”.


So to conclude my review of Xerxes’s guide, I’ll post some pros and cons:


It’s a book. This guide would be much better if it were a webside, or a PDF, maybe even an app. But I got used to it, and it turned out to be not-so-bad, as I could look at the guide in my lap while I played. (Also, this is all I could think of for cons)



Easy to use. I easily found my way from one section of the book to the next, knowing exactly what section different parts of the book were under without having much in-game knowledge whatsoever.


Low price. I was very surprised that this guide was so cheap, I would have paid much more for a guide of the same quality.

Completely Accurate. I could not find anything in this guide that I could say was wrong, or was mis-stated. This guide was pinpoint accurate on every detail it described.


If you want to check this out for yourself, you can find it here.

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