More On Rift Defiant Races!


More On Rift Defiant Races!

There are three races for each of the two rift factions on the Planes of Telara and each of these Rift Defiant races posses their own strengths and weaknesses which can turn the tide or lead to crushing defeat on the merciless planes. However, prior to diving into the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Rift Defiant races, It is important to understand the psyche and motivation behind being a Defiant.

The Defiant faction was born as an opposition to the oppressive and irresponsible ways of the Telara gods. While the Guardians continue to patronize, worship and extol the gods, the Defiants believe that the gods are the ones to blame for the fate of Telara. When the tyrant Aedraxis led Telara to ruin, the gods simply disappeared, never coming to the help of all that is Telara. As a result, the world was doomed into chaos with little or no hope of salvation.

That is why the Rift Defiant races have chosen to take matters into their own hands. Defiants shun the power of the gods preferring instead to rely on technology, magic, cunning, and innovation to vanquish all forms of enemies, monsters, aliens that stand in their way. The Defiants, in this sense, are characterized by a strong sense of individuality and a belief in their capability to purify the world from all its evil. Defiants are characters with great love for power and will do anything within their power to forge a world order free from the influence of the gods and purely reserved for all Rift Defiant races.

From here, the Defiant faction branches out into three races, the Bahmi, Eth and Kelari each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The Bahmi excel in being Warriors and melee Cleric characters. The buffs of the Bahmi are Mighty Leap, Sefir of Strength and Shalstir of Heritage each endowing the build with a 30-meter leap range, +10 strength and +20 air resistance respectively. The Eth, on the other hand, excel at being magic casters particularly as Clerics and Mages and gifted with Agility, Sun’s Fortune and Desert Dweller’s Birthright buffs which give them increased movement by 7)%, +10 intelligence, and +20 earth resistance respectively. Last but certainly not least are the Kelari which excel at being rogues due to their camouflage, Flame’s Ferocity and Legacy of the Fire Islands buffs. Camouflage grants the Kelari the skill to transform into a fox for 30 while Flame’s Ferocity gives +10 in dexterity; the Legacy of Fire Islands give +20 in fire resistance for the Kelari.

These Rift Defiant races are mighty builds who have full belief in their skills to restore the world to order. Give the Defiants a chance and channel your inner hero to bring peace to a world full of blight.

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