My 10 year affair with MMORPGs – What I’ve Learned and What I Now Know


My 10 year affair with MMORPGs – What I’ve Learned and What I Now Know

MMORPGs are fantastic games

MMORPG will help you understand my experience and assist you in successfully and quickly leveling up!

MMORPGI started out as a young high school kid dipping my feet into the dark ages of Camelot but quickly found this wasn’t for me. Many of my friends play ultima online and everquest but none of these ever peaked my interest until I stumbled upon an open beta of the World Of Warcraft and it has been love at first site for the better part of a decade.

I quickly ran home and downloaded the client and stepped into the world of the alliance and sometimes gambled my life with the horde. I really had no clue what I was doing and I would go around looking for people with yellow “!” above their head but ultimately I found this to be a tedious task and very time consuming; later I would find this to be 90% of what you do in the world of warcraft (waste time). On to bigger, better and brighter things.

I spent my days as a warlock wandering around questing when I could, skinning and collecting gold on the auction house. But I felt I was missing a huge part of the game and I found out I was! There was someone that had been in my same shoes not too long ago and he had noticed my level of around 45-50 kind of peaking and never getting to the max level. He talked to me on Ventrilo and was pushing me to check out this world of warcraft rogue leveling guide that he had bought. I argued,  how was it going to help me as a warlock but he insisted it would work all around. Thank you Schenk because of him I found the best rouge leveling guide and was able to complete my remaining level in no time! This guide was easy to use, and when all was done I found an entire world (of warcraft) I had never had the pleasure of knowing about, Raiding.

Raiding became my new passion and I found myself researching bosses and specs for each of my classes now. Oh did I not mention that with the best rogue leveling guide I was able to level so quickly I had multiple max level characters on different servers that I could play at any time? Because I did!

After the many years of playing I became tired of the same terrain and game mechanics and took a long break from the world of warcraft. Many of my friends did the same thing. But that will bring me to my main point that I want to tell you about today, there Is a new game out and it has the potential to be a warcraft killer.

Play RiftThe game Rift It has a lot of similarities to world of warcraft, it’s a mmorpg based in a large world, and it has some of the same classes and is based around a faction vs. faction climate. Some of the differences you will see immediately is actually the game layout itself you will be questing in a zone and all of the sudden the sky will turn black. A rift is opening above you and you have to make friends quickly or you are going to die. You band together with your fellow players and fight the monsters that pour in.

This game is very intimidating and much like world of warcraft I had to find a guide to at least help me navigate this new and exciting world. That is where The Supremacy rift leveling guide for came in; it had my back 100% of the time. I was able to purchase it and quickly get situated with the layout of these step by step guides, also included was every possible build / spec / class combination I could ever want along with video tutorials. Fantastic for anyone!

Within 2 days I was able to reach the max level of 50 and get started on finding out about the end game content Rift had to offer me. Surprisingly my friends who had bought the game before me and had at least a 2 week head start were still leveling to 50. Needless to say they asked me my secret and I told them about Rift Supremacy Guide. Unfortunately not all of my friends were Guardians some were in fact Defiants but I told them not to worry, Supremacy guide would help them out immensely.

I am now sitting on a new game at max level helping out my lower friends when the rifts open and enjoying my MMORPG experience again. Thank you Rift Supremacy for making leveling easy and fun and thank you Rift for making a quality game!

MMORPG was written to help you understand my experience with these awesome games plus assist when trying to successfully and quickly level up!

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