Rift Cleric Guide – A Guide to the Most Versatile Class in Rift


Rift Cleric Guide – A Guide to the Most Versatile Class in Rift

Article by Riftfantastic

This short Rift Cleric Guide aims to give you an introduction to what is, probably, the most versatile class in Rift.

The Cleric is, first of all, a healer class – and the best healer in the game. The Cleric has not less than three different cleric souls from which to choose, and they all differ depending whether you want to be raid healer or tank healer. If you want to roll a healer, Cleric should be your first choice.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Clerics are very, very good at DPS (Damage Per Second). They have both ranged and melee damage and even a soul with a pet (a very ugly, but very useful fairy) if needed. They can heal as they hit.

As well as this, Clerics make reasonable tanks. The Justicar soul is a tanking soul.

To be honest, Mages generally have better DPS than Clerics, whilst Warriors make better tanks. And these two factors may be the only weakness of the Cleric… If you can call that a weakness.

When you’re going to build your Cleric, you’ll have the choice between different statistics:

Wisdom: This is to regenerate your mana. If your preference is a healer, by all means make this your choice, and obtain as much as you can. If you decide on DPS or tank, wisdom isn’t important to you. You will prefer other statistics.

Intelligence: You are going to need a large amount. There are two main reasons for this: Firstly, intelligence increases your mana and you will have need for a large amount as it is the “fuel” of your spells.

Secondly, it will increase in proportion as to how much you heal or damage at a particular time. Even the melee DPS build has a talent to convert Spell Power to Attack Power, so you’ll definitely need it in this instance. The only reason you wouldn’t choose Intelligence is if you select tank.

Endurance: Endurance increases your maximum health. Tanking Clerics will need this. After 12 points spent in the Justicar soul, you will have an ability (Mien of Leadership) that will increase your Endurance by 90%, so you will very quickly obtain benefit from stacking endurance.

Spell Power: Unless you are a tank, you should have as much of this as you can. It increases your damage or healing capabilities.

Critical Hit: A Cleric already has a high crit in their talents, so you can take it if offered by the gear, but this is not a must.

Hit Rating: This means, in short, how often you hit and miss. You want a high Hit Rating because there is no point in hitting as hard as hell if you miss.

Depending on how you plan to play, you will mix the souls accordingly. You can easily mix only healing souls if you want to heal in dungeons or raid. You won’t need much DPS or resilience, since the group will be here to do that.

Or, you can mix dps, tank and heal to quest, so you have resistance to hits, with possibilities to hit your way through the mobs, together with a small amount of healing (this will be just for you, so no need to overdo it).

If you want to PvP, you will also have to find your place first: Do you want to be in the attacking or in the healing part? Choose between a mix of defense with heal, or dps with heal.

Furthermore, you can mix these different souls:

Warden: A Healer soul which focuses on healing over time spells, including Area of Effect (AoE) spells that also heal over time. Also has many good dispel abilities, but few full instant cast heals and no real “big heal”.

Sentinel: A Healer soul too, similar to Warden, but has more AoE heals.

Purifier: A Single target heal. This would be the tank heal soul. It heals at a fantastic rate, has big heals and also shielding abilities. As you would expect, it lacks in the AoE and Healing over Time.

Justicar: This is the tanking soul. It is weaker than the rogue’s or warrior’s soul but can still form a decent tank. The big advantage is that it has a battle resurrection, which is a worthwhile bonus.

Inquisitor: This is the 1v1 soul. It is very hard to defend against, has a lot of instant Damage over Time abilities, debuffs of your enemy and crowd control. No need to add that this soul excels at PvP.

Cabalist: This is a DPS caster soul. Not very good for survivability. Would be more suitable if you want to do heavy damage in raid or dungeon.

Shaman: At the opposite end of most other Shamans I have played in similar MMO’s, the Shaman in Rift doesn’t really have any healing of note. On the other hand, it’s a very tough melee DPS, and is capable of many very fast and deadly attacks and a multitude of buffs.

Druid: This is also a melee DPS. It has the pet that can be used to heal you, or to do damage when required. The pet isn’t very resilient and quickly goes down.

Templar: This is the PvP soul. It operates in different ways: better heal; higher DPS and better resilience.

Everything depends on your other souls and what you prefer. Do you want to keep on stacking resilience to a tank/melee PvP soul? Or do you want to add healing to the same soul? Perhaps you want to stack resilience to your PvP healer?

There is no “best mix” or “best healer specs”.

Everything depends on you.

What is your style? Where do your strengths and weaknesses lie? Do you tend to stay too long in a fight (then place points in tanking and self-healing)? Do you prefer to be at a distance?

Find your style and grow with your Cleric. Change the soul trees until you find the mix that will suit you best. You are the one in control of your character.

As you can see, if you choose a good mix (which is extremely easy to do with Cleric) then you can quickly have a very viable, strong and fun character with which to play.

Hopefully, this Rift Cleric guide will help you get started on the right footing.

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Rift Leveling Guide – How to Move Your Character from Level 1 to Level 50 as Quickly and Easily as Possible


Rift Leveling Guide – How to Move Your Character from Level 1 to Level 50 as Quickly and Easily as Possible

Article by Riftfantastic

Use this Rift leveling guide to start off running, and fully enjoy your game play in Rift.

The point in Rift, as in any other MMO, is that you start a character at level 1, and subsequently level it up to the maximum. In Rift, the highest level possible is 50.

You can see your level beside the picture of your character. There is an experience bar over your toolbars on the User Interface. It shows your progress towards the next level and, when this experience bar is filled, you gain one level and then begin to fill the next bar.

There are different ways to quickly level up in Rift:

* Quests

Throughout the game, you will meet quest givers. You can recognize them because there is a big exclamation mark (!) over their head. They will give you quests to do.

A quest can be to talk to someone; to gather different things; to kill monsters; to acquire a unique loot from special monsters – and many other varying tasks.

The quests can be handed back to the original quest giver, or to another quest giver somewhere else (generally this is to guide you into another zone of the game). When you hand in the loot, you receive a reward. Your prize will be money and experience points (XP), and sometimes even a piece of equipment.

* Kill, kill, kill!

Endeavor to kill as many mobs as possible on your way to and from your quests.

Mobs drop money and sometimes even awesome pieces of equipment. Even other items such as clothes (or skin if you have butchery and kill a skinable animal) can later be sold to the Auctioneer.

* Potions and Rest

When you go into an inn situated in the main or smaller cities, you can see you that are “resting”.

Check the top right corner of your screen, where you should be able to see a little black and green icon indicating this.

When you are sufficiently rested, you will notice that your XP-bar has changed color and there is a little vertical bar on it (unless you have rested for a long period of time, in which case it might be on the “next” XP-bar).

Each time you kill a mob, he will count for 200% XP and you will move towards this little vertical bar. When you hand in a quest, you “only” get 100% XP, and this will be similarly indicated.

Therefore, it’s a good idea that, before you finally log off, to initially log off in an inn or city where you can rest. This is especially important if you want to take a break with a particular character.

When you buy Rift for 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, you accrue “veteran rewards”.

These include XP-potions, which last 2 hours (even through death) and give you 100% extra of every kill you make. If you only have a few, keep them for the last levels, which can sometimes seem to go on forever

* Rifts

All through the game, you will meet Rifts. These will give you attractive rewards, called planataries, enabling you to buy better gear and obtain XPs. Take as many as you can while questing.

* Dungeons

Commencing from level 15, you can click on the Looking for Group icon (bottom left part of your screen) and join a random dungeon. This will be a cross-server, so you can be with people from other shards. Dungeons give interesting rewards, such as gold and XP. Take at least a couple each day so you can acquire these valuable items and XPs.

* Warfronts

Warfronts are PvP (Player versus Player) battlegrounds where a team of Defiants and a team of Guardians are opposed to each other.

You can take your first warfront, The Black Garden, at level 10 (but you generally don’t survive very long as the actual bracket is 10 – 19).

In each main city, Sanctum and Meridian, there are quest givers that will offer you special warfront quests. You can recognize them because of the color of the quest icon over their head. The exclamation mark (!) is of a different color than the standard one: The icon is blue for Guardians and red for Defiants.

Most of the warfront quests are daily, repeatable quests, so you can begin your day by picking them up. They give desirable rewards; they give you favor, which are special points you can use to buy PvP gear with and then, of course, XPs.

So, unless you are with a faction, or on a shard that always loses (which obviously then is a waste of time continuing), then doing the daily warfronts is a very good move for your XPs.

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Looking for the best information and secrets so you can get the most out of your Rift membership? And can use information

on Rift Builds? When you click on the link you’ll get not 1, not 2 but 3 FREE BUILDS that will have you leveling in no time at all.

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PvP vs. PvE: Which Game Style Better Helps Your Power Leveling in RIFT?


PvP vs. PvE: Which Game Style Better Helps Your Power Leveling in RIFT?

Article by Dana Hartsman

PvP and PvE are two separate things. PvP relates to fighting against other players, whether this fighting takes place in Warfronts or just open world PvP while PvE combat is about overcoming the enemies implemented by game designers. A powerleveling guide will always suggest PvE for power leveling in Rift.

Also PvP gear and PvE gear are different things. The stats are the same (Dexterity for Rogues, Strength for Warriors, Wisdom or Intelligence for Mages and Clerics) but PvP gear has one more additional stat: Valor. Valor reduces the damage received from other players. It’s a PvP only stat with no use in PvE combat. When it comes to any other stat PvP gear might have slightly better values than PvE gear.

Sometimes this may overcome the fact that Valor is useless for E and that’s the reason some players might prefer P gear. A powerleveling guide for PvP can be consulted to learn about the best and fastest ways to get PvP gear.

However, there are players that do these two gears and vice versa. How they get away with it and how successful is this pretty much depends on given situation and luck. While questing is the most efficient way of leveling as suggested by any powerleveling guide some players prefer to level with Warfronts.

As the only difference between PvP and PvE gear is the Valor stat there are times when a full PvE geared player can still take down players in Warfronts. The analogy holds true for PvP geared players doing PvE content. Killing mobs while questing it’s not a problem even if the player is PvP geared. So PvP gear works just fine when it comes to power leveling in Rift.

Not even when doing a pre level 50 dungeon PvP geared players shouldn’t encounter too many problems. Of course, due to Valor being useless for E they lose a stat but if they know how to play their Calling and if the other party members perform efficiently P gear might work.

But things change after level 50. What worked while power leveling in Rift will not work anymore. Expert dungeons and raids are far more difficult than pre level 50 normal instances. The boss mechanics are more complex, require a high level of skill, attention and also the right gear. Losing a stat is simply unacceptable.

And frankly, there is no raid leader that would take a P geared player while diving in Hammerknell. There may be times when one PvP item is preferred because of its superior stats but there are no circumstances when a full P geared player will perform its E role successfully.

So, wearing P gear while doing pre level 50 E content it’s not a big issue. Although a powrleveling guide will not recommend it most times it will work just the same as PvE gear simply because the content it’s not that difficult. Player skills, in depth Calling knowledge and reliable party members are things to consider when power leveling in Rift content while wearing full PvP gear.

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT. You can visit his blog for this and many other topics: http://www.Power-Leveling-Secrets-Guide.com

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Rift PvP Builds


Rift PvP Builds

Rift PvP Builds, with specific souls to use in each class

Rift PvP Builds will help you successfully and quickly level up in this fantastic game!

Article by Sasa

What is Rift PvP Builds?

Rift PvP BuildsPvP is (player vs player) and if you want to get in this you will be needing a very good build for your class. Now in this article I will be going over all the characters in Rift and I will tell you what souls are the best for that character. Let’s begin with probably the most popular class in Rift.



Ok the best build for Warrior at the top level should be Void Knight and Riftblade hybrid. This class for me is the best. You get a variety of mana burning effects and magic damage attacks, yet still wear plate and can use a shield. You can simultaneously be anti-melee and anti-caster at the same time! I recommend starting off as a Void Knight with your side points in Riftblade for PvP. I am just briefly going to all classes in this post. More of this later.


For Cleric, the most well-rounded PvP build includes a heavy focus in Purifier, a moderate focus in Inquisitor, and a few points in Warden. Purifier is an excellent PvP healer, and healers are very popular in Battlefields, whereas Inquisitor allows you to dish out some damage and gives you access to very powerful Purge abilities. One small tip for Cleric melee cleric build on Warfronts because they are probably one of the worst builds in Rift.


Rogue is the most fun to play in Rift, a lot of players are taking this character because of their ability to level fast through the game with some good builds. One of the best souls is Marksman and Bard put together. Marksman deals great burst damage and Bard provides excellent buffs for the group. Melee Rogues lack survivability and are often focus-fired down when you try to move into a group.


Traditional Mage souls are very weak in Warfronts but there are some souls that could be put together and give some damage. Dominator and Stormcaller are very interesting option for Mage. The Dominator is one of the starting souls in the entire game which has a variety of talents geared towards PvP. One more small tip, Transmogrify is the best PvP ability in the entire game across all four callings. Personally, I have seen several Mages that are complete nightmares in Warfronts. Knockback is particularly annoying, especially when you are trying to assault the Vault in Codex and a Mage keeps pushing you off the ledge!

Conclusion on the Best Rift PvP Builds

Conclusion is very clear all the classes are very good in PvP and you can decide on your own. If you want to level quickly through the game or just want to start on the right foot you need to have a guide. A guide that could help you is Rift Supremacy guide, voted number 1 guide it has both written plus video guide.

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Wishing you the best in all your adventures until next time!

Rift PvP Builds was written to help you successfully and quickly level up!

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Current and Future Features That Enhance RIFT Rogue Builds


Current and Future Features That Enhance RIFT Rogue Builds

RIFT Rogue Builds as viewed through the patches

RIFT Rogue Builds, more changes in view!

Article by Dana Hartsman

Rift Rogue BuildsIf we take a look back at Rift 6 months ago and compare it to its current state we will see a significant number of new features. The game has gone through two major events and four big patches. Each added more content and additional features. The official forums are filled with active players and discussions about anything game related like Rift rogue builds and rogue leveling guides.

Trion representatives have announced several times that the game is evolving and more features are yet to be implemented.

One of these possible new features is player housing addition. A player’s house can be an instanced space (an entire building or a room in a building) that can be personalized with all kind of things home related: furniture, decorative objects, carpets, paintings, storage space and crafting tables. This has no effect on a character’s game play, it’s a “just for fun” feature. There are pros and cons on this matter.

Some players feel like such a feature is useless and developers should invest time in fixing game mechanics like Rift rogue builds. Housing is an RP feature and should only be implemented on RP servers. Will player housing be a premium feature? Some think that the Telara would become deserted, everyone will idle in their own home.

There are lots of players that support this idea just because it’s fun. What can be more comfy than having your own house in Freemarch, sitting in your chair in front of the fireplace while reading your rogue leveling guide. Or seeing how a Rift Rogue builds furniture for his house.

So far, there is no official response from Trion regarding player housing but the game already added features like “look for group” and addons so we may see player housing in later expansions.

The crafting system is another thing that players would like to be refined. Some believe that crafting should be made more complex. There could be some crafted items of the same quality as end game gear. Or Callings could have a benefit from picking up a certain profession. Rogue Rogue leveling guides suggest Outfitting is best for Rogues.

Another feature players would like to be added is boats. Boats could serve multiple purposes. For example they may serve as a transportation mean between distant lands or they can be similar to mounts only usable on water. They could carry one or multiple passengers. Another subject tied to boats it’s fishing and cooking.

Almost all MMORPG’s have fishing and cooking professions. Catching fish could also grant a little amount of experience so we may see a rogue leveling guide that teaches a player how to fish besides questing. Fish can be cooked and consumed to replenish health points or mana so this would be a useful feature.

Rift is just 6 months old. Probably some of these features will be added in a future expansion. Maybe we’ll see changes to the Soul system as well or maybe more viable Rift Rogue builds added.

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT.

Want to be sure that you are prepared for what’s to come? Trying to get to level 50. Check out these great videos by clicking here!

RIFT Rogue Builds enhanced was written to give you an overview of more changes in sight!

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To Reach RIFT Max Level, Avoid Getting Suspended


Reach RIFT Max Level, Avoid Getting Suspended

Reach RIFT Max Level while still complying to the rules of  the game

Reach RIFT Max Level

Article by Dana Hartsman

Reach Rift Max LevelRules exist everywhere. Even in Rift online. When these rules are broken the player is forced to support the consequences. These rules apply to any player, no matter if it’s a low level player or a player who already attained the Rift max level. Rift rpg has very strict terms of use. Every player comes in contact with these regulations when making an account or starting the game for the first time. Most of the times no one reads it just scroll down until the “I agree” button becomes clickable. To be honest it’s not the most interesting lecture but there are some things that should be known from the start in order to avoid the risk of getting your Rift rpg account banned.

The Terms of Use for Rift online doesn’t give a specific number or warnings a player may have before his or hers account becomes permanently banned. It only says that Trion Worlds reserves the right to close down any Rift online account that violates the legal terms with or without notification at any time. This means that it is up to Trion Worlds to judge the severity of the infraction and act accordingly. This may result in warnings, temporary account suspension or permanent ban.

One of the most severe infringements that most of the times result in permanent account suspension is the use of bots, game items exchange for real money or make use of game exploits. Players that purchase leveling guides to reach Rift max level must be cautious and check if the guide does not contain any illegal information. Trion Worlds also has a policy regarding player and guild names.

A Rift rpg name, be it character name, guild name or pet name is not allowed to be of offensive nature, connected to illegal activities, religion related in any way, bear any similarities to a trademark, public person or celebrity. This kind of rule violation does not result in permanent account ban, but a temporary suspension and of course, the name needs to be changed immediately. Although there are Rift max level characters that get away with such names.

There are rules that apply when it comes to behavior towards other Rift rpg fellow players or speaking in general chat. Posting messages repeated times (spam) or vulgar, harmful or disturbing content is also punished with a temporary Rift online account suspension. Threatening, harassing or using obscene language when speaking to a player is another violation of the Rift rpg terms of agreement.

All these rules may sound a bit strict but after all they are all common sense rules. As long as a Rift rpg player doesn’t use software that make use of game exploits or automation software (also known as bots) or attempts to buy or sell game goods for real money his or hers account is safe from suspension.

Also, if using a leveling guide to achieve Rift max level it’s the players duty to make sure it doesn’t contain illegal information. Keeping a mature and polite attitude towards the other Rift rpg players will avoid the risk of getting one’s account banned. And if you spot such a player report him so Rift online community can maintain its friendly atmosphere

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sought out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT.

Need help or assistance? Click here for some great videos!

Reach Rift Max Level, was written to ensure you stay legal within the game rules and successfully and quickly level up!

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Rift Walk-through – How to Gain the Most Enjoyment and Fun From Playing Rift


Rift Walk-through – How to Gain the Most Enjoyment and Fun From Playing Rift

Rift Walk-through

Rift Walk-through, designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Riftfantasitc

Rift Walk-throughGain more enjoyment and fun from playing one of the latest (but already very popular) MMORPG’s by following this Rift walk-through. Here’s the scenario… The world is coming to an end, and it desperately needs you!

But who do you want to be? And what do you want to do?

When you start the game, you have to choose between one of two factions that are opposed to each other. You can choose either Guardian or Defiant.

Guardians believe that the Vigil (the gods of Telara) have not abandoned the world, but are working towards an intricate plan for the final battle between good and evil – the ‘Day of Judgment’. They believe that they have a destiny to fulfill, as part of a divine plan to save the world.

Defiants do not care whether the gods actually abandoned the world – or not. The Defiants believe that the answer lies in a miracle spawned from technology – and they are ready to achieve their aims at any price. It is allowable to have characters in both factions on the same server (they are called shards) but you can’t move any of your characters from one faction to another.

When you have chosen your faction, race and gender, you can then choose between one of four available classes (callings): Mage, Warrior, Cleric or Rogue. When this is done, and you’ve formed your character’s physical aspects and created a suitable name, you’re ready to go.

The first 5 to 7 levels are in a closed area. You’re now in a starting place and will have quests which reward you with the choices of your first three souls, plus the possibility of putting points into them. You will also meet your first rift at the end of this initial sector. When this is done, you will then be relegated to the “real world” of Telara.

If you are a Guardian, you will end up in Silverwood; Defiants go to Freemarch. Even on a PvP shard, you will be off PvP and able to level your character without interference from enemy players.

The first levels will give you an introduction to everything you need to know: Profession (you can pick the first gathering professions from teacher straight out of the starting area); porticulums (to move around between the different places); quests; gathering quests; rifts and fighting quests – together with almost every other type of quest you are going to face during the game.

If you follow the questlines, you will be led to your capital city: Meridian for Defiants and Sanctum for Guardians. In these cities, you will face further quests, and it is a good idea to follow them all. They give you a good introduction to the artifacts; the crafting professions; the daily quests and the World Event Quests etc. In general, you will not be sent off to PvP places until approximately level 20. In most cases, if you follow the quest given to you, you will be sent from one zone to the other and be able to level.

If you feel you have missed some of the quests, the zones are:

Terminus …………………. 1 – 6 Defiant’s starting zone
Mathosia …………………..1 – 6 Guardian’s starting zone
Freemarch ……………….. 6 – 20 Defiants
Silverwood ………………. 6 – 20 Guardians
Gloamwood …………….. 20 – 27 Gardian Friendly (PvP flagged)
Stonefield ……………….. 20 – 27 Defiant Friendly (PvP flagged)
Scarlet Gorge …………… 26 – 30 Contested (PvP flagged)
Scarwood Reach ………. 30 – 35 Contested (PvP flagged)
Moonshade Highlands .. 35 – 39 Contested (PvP flagged)
Droughtlands …………… 35 – 40 Contested (PvP flagged)
Iron Pine Peak …………. 41 – 47 Contested (PvP flagged)
Shimmersand ………….. 43 – 48 Contested (PvP flagged)
Stillmoor ………………… 45 – 50 Contested (PvP flagged)

After this Rift walk-through, you only need to begin the game to start enjoying the fun.

About the Author

Looking for the best information and secrets so you can get the most out of your Rift membership? And can use information on Rift Builds?

For more useful information such as this go over to Rift Leveling Guide by clicking here 

Rift Walk-through will help you successfully and quickly level up!

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Rift Level Guide – Stop Wasting Money on Buying the Wrong Rift Level Guide


Rift Level Guide – Stop Wasting Money on Buying the Wrong Rift Level Guide

Rift Level Guides, can help you level up

Rift Level Guide was written to help you successfully and quickly gain levels!

Article by Riftfantastic

Rift Level GuideIn Rift, as in most other games of this type (MMO), you will need to level, so a Rift level guide will be of assistance as you go through this process.

Your character starts naked (almost) at level 1, and the aim is to get it to the highest possible level. In Rift, at the moment, this level is 50. You might want (or need) a guide to level up to 50 as easily, quickly and efficiently as possible.

You will find there are many different guides available. Some are free; others will cost you money. So, what should you expect of the latter? And to what should you pay attention when making a choice?

Most of the guides available will offer you more than just a leveling guide. They’ll give you different bonuses: A platinum guide (the currency in Rift is platinum); a builds guide; some pvp guides; dungeon guides or warfront guides etc. Check out how many bonuses you obtain for your money, and how valuable they seem to be to you. Don’t hesitate to take your time and compare them all.

Another important thing: MMO’s are constantly patched, and Rift follows this rule. Patches are applied for several reasons. They can be used to correct bugs, or to start or finish particular updates (add new temporary content or withdraw it when the time has passed). They can also be used to add new dungeons or zones, or to change something regarding the classes.

In Player vs. Player, in particular, the classes (or callings) need readjustment. Possibilities range from being removed, changed or made stronger. Statistics about attack power, spell power, endurance or any other statistic are continually changing, so there is as much balance as possible between the classes.

This is why, when your Rift level guide offers you builds for rogues, mages, clerics or warriors, you have to initially see when it was originally sent. Was it prior or posterior to a patch – and which patch? There is absolutely no reason to follow a build for patch 1.2, when the latest patch is 1.5. Too many things might have changed in the meantime.

So you will need to keep an eye on Rift’s homepage to see the latest patch number before you follow a build, or whatever guide to which you’re referring. Even a platinum guide doesn’t have the same value after a patch update. There may have been changes in certain drops, or other possibilities that might radically change part of the economy.

For the same reason, check if the guide offers you free updates, and for how long they will continue. Is the offer for lifetime updates, or only until a new version of the game comes on the market?

Most of the rift level guides offer you a money-back guarantee. The big advantage of this is that, if you purchase a product that isn’t satisfactory, you can always ask for a refund. Make sure that the Rift level guide you are looking at buying offers you a money-back guarantee, in case you receive outdated or incorrect information.

About the Author

Looking for the best information and secrets so you can get the most out of your Rift membership? And can use information on Rift Builds? When you click on the link you’ll get not 1, not 2 but 3 FREE BUILDS that will have you leveling in no time at all.

For more useful information such as this go over to Rift Leveling Guide

Rift Level Guide was designed to provide help for successfully and quickly leveling up!

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Rift Leveling Guide To Level Up on Rift Game


Rift Leveling Guide To Level Up on Rift Game

Article by Alicedecosta

If you are seeking for improving you level of the character in Rift, a multi-player online role playing game, you must then read the current rift leveling guide which will guide you through the procedure for improving the level. It is very necessary for leveling up at faster rate to acquire new weapons and experience points. Depending on the character that a player has chosen to play in the game, the leveling up varies accordingly. This will provide an excellent opportunity for many individuals to proceed at a faster rate in their game.

Provided below in the rift leveling guide is the importance of characters which will help an individual level up easily and attain the required reputation in the game. The simple procedure is aimed at provided complete details even to a beginner. As there are many characters involved in this game, provided below is the rift guide for PvP and dungeons. Players who are using this particular character in the game can look for this particular guide to improve their level up easily.

Rift Leveling Guide in Rift PvP

Player versus player is the most fun part in the game and provides the best game for any player. Though many individuals avoid this particular step, it really helps a person improve their level of the character easily. Rift guide advises players to involve in this particular aspect to improve their level up and reputation easily. Apart from involving in a world PvP, a player can also involve in war front to win a particular fight to increase their level up for the character. This particular area involves finishing a particular objective which when completed will provide the easy way to increase the level of the character. They can also be used to purchase equipment which will help them overcome every aspect in the game.

Rift Leveling Guide in Rift Dungeons

Dungeons are the most dangerous instances where a player will come across the most powerful monsters in the form of non player character. Rift guide advises to team up with other player’s present tin the game to complete dungeon as the monsters are too hard to defeat and the bosses present are too strong for a single player to defeat. This aspect will improve the overall ratio of the complete players present in the group which when completed successfully will improve the levels of the characters. This will also improve the equipment for a character which will be helpful in fulfilling other areas of the game successfully.

Make sure you team up with other players present in the game to overcome a dungeon and complete it successfully to earn more points and reputations. Rift walkthrough will help a player understand how well a character can be utilized to overcome a situation easily to level up and gain points, experience and weapons.

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Learn Why You Need The Rift Level Guide


Learn Why You Need The Rift Level Guide

Article by Theodore McIntyre

Many gamers want to move to the next level fast enough in order to get to the very top. But as usual stiff competition hinders them from achieving this fete not unless one spends days and hours on end trying to get to the top.

There are many Rift Level Guides out on the internet, as usual not all of them are there to help you out, and most of them are just there to confuse you more if not to plunge you to darkness. So in order for you to land the right guides please follow the below pointers and you’ll surely be successful…

Choosing the right rift level guide

One of the reasons you should choose the right rift level guide is because the right guide will definitely make you move up more level faster while getting more combinations and great builds faster.

1. PvP leveling guides are one of the best guides that are there to help you reach the top level and if you have a strong gaming character, these PvP guides do come in handy.

2. Guides that give you a tour on the levels of the game and help you learn the ropes on getting to each level.

3. A rift level guide that has a video preview guide with complete information that should set you of in the right tracks to getting to the next level.

Rift Level Guides should offer the following
One of the best ways to know a genuine Rift Level Guide is by looking at the table of contents. It should hold some of the information listed below;

· Creating your character; under this you should be guided on the server shard and choose from PVE, PVP, PRPPVE, PRPPVP servers. The guide should ask you to create after choosing the Shard you want.

· Factions: The guide also reminds you that choosing factions is necessary since opposing factions don’t and cannot communicate between each other.

· Race: After choosing the faction the nest step you should choose is the race, each race comes with its own abilities and stats, and in certain classes the races are quite powerful and difficult your guide should let you in defining the races.

· Combat Systems: After choosing the class its time you chose a combat style and each combat style is synonymous to the class you’ve settled on

· Stats: Stats are the most important aspects of your character. The higher your Stats the stronger your character and dominant is.

· Leveling your character: The best way of leveling your character is by simply doing all the quests. Taking part in rift evens, Dungeons and war fronts helps in attain more levels.

· Completing Quests: Completing quests in the links not only attains you points and rewards but also helps you move to the next level quickly and enhancing your characters abilities more.

· Rift events: Rift events come in waves and are fun to play in, but the events only come in after you’re done with the basic quests.

Hopefully this piece will help you in choosing the best Rift Level Guide.

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