Rift Planes of Telara How to Obtain the Most Platinum When Playing Rift


Rift Planes of Telara How to Obtain the Most Platinum When Playing Rift

Article by Ssaa

Rift: Planes of Telara has many aspects to it but like other MMORPGs it focuses around an economy. Rift has introduced Platinum as the main source of in game currency that players will strive to obtain.rift platinum They will start off earning gold and work towards getting Platinum for high level items. Choosing ProfessionsAs a Rift player you are able to choose three professions from a total of 10 available. There are seven crafting and 3 gathering professions. Now as a new player it is wise to stay away from the crafting professions until you have made enough money to create items so it is best to choose one crafting and two gathering professions to begin with until you have reached about level 30. rift platinumThis ensures that you make a lot of gold and platinum to benefit from using the crafting skills. Auction HouseAs the game is new, there are no automated tools for you to use to analyse the auction house on your server. Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time looking and the needs and demands of other players for certain items. It would a wise choice to hold onto certain items you find and wait until the demand is high so you can make a profit. Tracking DemandKnowing what items sell for what price is going to be a learning curve for every new player in Rift as the game has only been going for a couple of weeks and items and weapons and potions will be selling for varied amounts until people know what works the best. A good idea to implement is keeping a spreadsheet on your computer of every item you find to keep a log of the prices it sold for so you can end up selling them for a profit when demand is high. Making platinum in Rift is going to be a slow process to begin with, but by incorporating the strategies listed above you will most certainly make a lot of in game currency in the forms of platinum and gold. As long as you farm for ore, plants and skinning and keep a log of everything you find you will make money. Of course, if you wanted to know more about these strategies and tips and wanted to start earning tons of platinum right away without waiting to level up gradually then I recommend getting a Rift Strategy Guide. Whatever your decision, you will be on your way to gaining huge amounts of gold and platinum to enable you to dominate whatever server you play on.

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Rift has introduced Platinum as the main source of in game currency that players will strive to obtain.rift platinum

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Rift Guardian Leveling Guide. Do you need one?


Rift Guardian Leveling Guide. Do you need one?

Article by Sasa

Rift Guardian Leveling Guide. Do you need one?

Well to answer to this question i need to kow few things. First are you passionater Rift player? Do you like winning and being better than the others or Do you like to brag to everyone how after just a few days you are level 50 with your character.

None of this things really matters, it’s about do you need it. If you think that you can do all on your own that you can. But it will be very diffucult and time consuming. It definitely wont happen after few days like wih the guide.
But the truth is Rift Guardian leveling guide can help but only good one.
What is good Rift Guardian Leveling guide?

There are bunch of guides out there but not all of them are good, no even most of them, i took my time and tried to find a good one. And i did, Rift Supremacy guide contain Guardian and even Defiant leveling + PvP Guide, and not many guides have all of this. Plus with this guide i got Videos on how to builds my class, then free VIP Membership pass to exclusive Forum, and many other things. I was really suprised with the quality of this guide and i just had to recommend it.
This guide will give you the fastest route to level 50 so you don’t have to worry are the builds good. They are.
Who actually needs this guide?

Well basically everyone who wants to get to level 50 as soon as possible without worrying are the builds good or not, because most of the builds on forums are plain ‘crap’ and anyone who wants to dominate and destroy enemies in PvP playing.
Rift Supremacy guide Conclusion

In my opinion you should get this guide, it definitely maid my life easier but if you are not sure look around this blog for a previews of the builds for all characters. But before check out my blog below i written a lot about this guide and i made a bunch of builds for you to use that has been taken from Rift Supremacy guide. I created to help fellow warriors i hope it can help just a little.

If you need some help in leveling and building you character you will get it.
Click here and start dominating Rift from the first day
that you start playing.
Read more at: http://www.riftguidesblog.com/rift-guardian-leveling-guide/

About the Author

Sasa Ilic


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How To Collect Rift Gold Quickly-More Gold Means Faster Leveling


How To Collect Rift Gold Quickly-More Gold Means Faster Leveling

Like any other online role playing game the more gold you have the faster you will be able to level up and rift is no different. The trouble is that a lot of people seem to struggle collecting good amounts of Rift gold. The main problem is that collecting this stuff takes time and people just want to rush through the game. I play rift with a different mindset in that I want to get my moneys worth, so I take my time and alternate between doing quests and collecting Rift gold.

Here are 5 ways to get gold in rift.

1. It makes sense that the bigger your bag the more money you can have. So always use the biggest bag at your disposal. I sometimes just plough through the land filling my bag up in order to have plenty of things to sell.


2. The temptation in these games is to just go out looking for action but a wise thing to do is get a couple of gathering professions. Now instead of buying leather, wood etc you can make your own for personal use and of course to sell to other players.

3. When you just start out in Rift and want gold it is a good strategy to pick up anything that has a sale value, collect and sell and you will make a lot of rift gold.

4. In your early days in the game crafting can make large amounts of money, especially if you concentrate on making and selling big double handed weapons, these are always sought after. In later levels I drop the crafting because it can be a real drag.

5. Study and master the auction houses, make a note of what kind of price items sell for and then when you put items up at your auction house you will always get a fair price. Rift gold is not easy to get hold of but these auctions can make a lot of cash if used properly.

There are a lot more ways to make rift gold but the 5 tips above should get you well on your way.

If you want to get a level 50 FAST then check out Rift Supremacy it is the ultimate rift levelling guide. Or to see some cool rift levelling up videos check out my Youtube Channel

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Rift PvP Builds


Rift PvP Builds

What is Rift PvP Builds?

PvP is (player vs player) and if you want to get in this you will be needing a very good build for your class.
Now in this article I will be getting over all the characters in Rift and I will tell what souls are the best for that character. Let’s begin with probably the most popular class in Rift.


Ok the best build for Warrior at the top level should be Void Knight and Riftblade hybrid this class for me is the best. You get a variety of mana burning effects and magic damage attacks, yet still wear plate and can use a shield. You can simultaneously be anti-melee and anti-caster at the same time!
I recommend starting off as a Void Knight with your side points in Riftblade for PvP.
I am just briefly going to all classes in this post. More of this later.


For Cleric, the most well-rounded PvP build includes a heavy focus in Purifier, a moderate focus in Inquisitor, and a few points in Warden. Purifier is an excellent PvP healer, and healers are very popular in Battlefields, whereas Inquisitor allows you to dish out some damage and gives you access to very powerful Purge abilities.


One small tip for Cleric melee cleric build on Warfronts because they are probably one of the worst builds in Rift.


Rogue is the most fun to play class in Rift, a lot of players is taking this character because of their ability to fast level trough the game with some good builds. One of the best souls are Marksman and Build put together. Marksman deals great burst damage and Bard provides excellent buffs for the group. Melee Rogues lack survivability and are often focus-fired down when you try to move into a group.


Traditional Mage souls are very weak in Warfronts but there are some souls that could be put together and give some damage. Dominator and Stormcaller are very interesting option for Mage. The Dominator is one of the starting souls in the entire game which has a variety of talents geared towards PvP.
One more small tip Transmogrify is the best PvP ability in the entire game across all four callings.
Personally, I have seen several Mages that are complete nightmares in Warfronts. Knockback is particularly annoying, especially when you are trying to assault the Vault in Codex and a Mage keeps pushing you off the ledge!

Conclusion on the Best Rift PvP Builds

Conclusion is very clear all the classes are very good in PvP and you can decide on your own wish. If you want to fast level trough the game or just want to start on the right foot you need to have a guide.
A guide that could help you is Rift Supremacy guide, voted number 1 guide it has both written plus video guide.


Sasa ilic


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How to Handle Dots in Your Quest for Leveling in Rift


How to Handle Dots in Your Quest for Leveling in Rift

Article by Dana Hartsman

There are times when a Rift player might find himself or herself in a rather sticky situation. You see dots ticking, hp bar dropping and all you can do is watch. This can happen anytime, while leveling in Rift and engaging in some open world pvp or while doing a warfront.

A Rogue will pop out put some dots on you and slip away. The dots keep you in combat thus preventing you from drinking. Not many ways to get out of this. Do all online research you want or read a leveling guide Rift you won’t find much about it.

Rogue’s Assassin Soul has some abilities that give these bleeds. Because this Soul is strictly oriented on damage it doesn’t make a good choice for leveling in Rift. A leveling guide Rift would suggest Riftstalker or Marksman for leveling. Puncture, ignores armor, does damage and puts a dot of 10 seconds. Serrated Blades, melee crits will make your target bleed. Expose Weakness, additional damage from bleeds. Jagged Strike is an ability that deals damage over time for 10 seconds. Impale, finishing move that does damage over time based on the current number of combo points.

And Slip Away, the last ability in the Assassin Soul tree, requires 30 points spent in Assassination and Improved Stealth (also known as permastealth). The Slip Away ability allows the Rogue to disappear from enemy’s sight removes snares and roots and makes it immune to all damage for 3 seconds. The tactic rogues use is pop out of Stealth, build up combo points on target, put dots on it and Slip Away. Rinse and repeat.

More on this tactic and specific build can be found in a pvp leveling guide Rift that focuses on leveling with warfronts. Because dots keep the target in combat drinking is impossible. This can be countered with self-healing spells or drinking a potion but not all classes have healing spells and the potions won’t heal you for that much. Of course, this is most annoying when you are not level 50 yet and still leveling in Rift.

Also in end game Warfronts, you may find yourself with hp bar at half, a stealthy Rogue approaches, dots you and slips away. You aren’t in your healer’s range, you don’t have healing spells so you just sit there and die while the Rogue is already yards away.

Only Rogues can find advantages about this tactic. While they are not the only Calling that can use dots they are the only ones that can stealth or slip away. PvP Rogues are not made for endurance fights, if they don’t take enemy down in the first 10-15 seconds they are as good as dead.

You will find this out while leveling in Rift as a Pvp Rogue. But this doesn’t make Rogues overpowered, every Calling has its own abilities, Clerics can heal themselves, Warriors have a pretty large hp bar so they are not that easy to take down, Mages have powerful damage dealing spells. Reading a leveling guide Rift about your Calling can teach you how to overcome this.

About the Author

Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT. You can visit his blog for this and many other topics: http://www.Power-Leveling-Secrets-Guide.com

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Rift Mage – Highest Single Target DPS Spec


Rift Mage – Highest Single Target DPS Spec

There are currently three specs competing for the highest DPS and it all comes down to Raid Composition.

This first is Stormcaller/Elementalist. The rotation for this spec is:

Forked Lightning 3x > Ice Shear > Raging Storm > Lightning Strike > Lightning Field x3 > Forked Lightning x1 > Repeat starting at Ice Shear

I use the following Macro:

#show Lightning Field
cast Lighting Strike
cast Lightning Field

This spec depends heavily on the Static Discharge cooldown. Static Discharge gives everyone in your party (not the whole raid) a buff that causes their next 10 attacks to do Air damage to the target. This air damage scales off each member’s Spell Power, Spell Crit and Debuffs on the target. To maximize the effect of this cooldown you need to be in a party with 4 other Stormcallers. If you have less then 4 Stormcallers the next best thing is a Chloromancer or DPS Clerics. Healing Clerics and Physical DPS classes do not scale Static Discharge damage.

If your raid composition does not work with Stormcaller, Pyromancer/Elementalist is the next best thing.


The rotation for this is:

Flame Bolt > Countdown > Fireball
Alternate Whithering Flames and Internalize Charge.
For my cooldowns:
Use Intensify Elements > Internalize Charge > Heatwave > Spam Fireball until Heatwave wears off > Intensify Elements > Whithering Flames

Make sure you keep Ground of Power up at all times. Use Burning Shield when you need to move.

I use the following Macros:

#show Fireball
cast Flame Bolt
cast Inferno
cast Fireball

#show Ground of Power
cast Burning Shield
cast Ground of Power

This spec outscales the other two, but until you have the gear to support I recommend avoiding this one. It is however, a very fun spec to play.


The final spec is Necromancer/Warlock.

The rotation for this spec is likely the most complicated, but once mastered it is by far the most fun to play.

Life Leech > Looming Demise > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Neddra’s Torture > Soul Purge* > Draining Bolt > Spam Void Bolt
Only Soul purge if you have 80+ charge and your DoTs have 8 or more seconds remaining.

Some people use Grave Rot to stack Deathly Calling. Mathematically this is a DPS increase however, Grave Rot is a point and click AoE spell which cannot be queued or macroed like other spells. It is also stationary so is completely useless if the target moves.

I use the following Macros for this spec:

#show Void Bolt
cast Neddra’s Torture
cast Draining Bolt
cast Void Bolt

Your cooldowns are Sacrifice Life: Damage, Lich Form, and Empty the Crypts. Lich Form and Sacrifice Life: Damage should be used together because they stack and have the same cooldowns. Empty the Crypts does not have synergy with the other cooldowns, and has a different timer (1:30 instead of 2:00) so use it whenever you have charge and it is off cooldown. Avoid using Soul Purge while using Empty the Crypts or you will run out of charge and both spells will be cut short.

Thats about it,



My name is Bluedot.

I have been in or lead a top PvE progression guild for every major MMO that has been released in the past 5 years. My goal in every game is to find the apsolute best way to accomplish the challenges created by the game’s developers. I am currently most active in Rift on the Deepwood Shard, Garudian faction.


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Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?


Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?

Update guide for Rift 1.5 is necessary if you have not reached 50 yet!

Update guide for Rift 1.5, written to provide the path to successfully and quickly leveling up!

Do you need update guide for Rift 1.5?

Update guide for Rift 1.5Well this depends on how good Rift player you actually are, now all of people need the guide. But the truth is that there is not a lot of good info out there on forums and all kinds of web sites.
Since you are on this page you must jave heard of the new 1.5 update for Rift. You know that the game revolves around 4 classes. Mage, Warrior, Cleric and Rogue, you also know that there are 3 souls that you can choose for your class. And now something that you maybe did not know, after the 1.4 patch things have change and in the new “Ashes of history” update some of the builds both PvP and PvE which stands for Player vs environment are no longer useful. The skills have changed. You need new builds. So you need to stay up to date with Rift game. If you want to continue or start dominating in Rift you need updates for new builds.

How should you get the new Builds?

Well you can start by going in the forums, but I assume you already tried that, the thing is that players will not give their best builds for free, no one will. So you will find mostly some “crappy builds there”. You can try and contact some of the players by pm that you see that rock in the new Updated Rift, that will probably be the same outcome as in the forums or you will have to wait a lot to hear from him.

And the third option is to check some of the Rift Guides for this. But my advice is if you are going to do this. Check some of the best guides that have already been updated to 1.5. I have a guide that I personally use for this it’s the Rift Supremacy guide, that’s already been updated for 1.5 Ashes of history. The good thing about this guide is that when you get it now you will never have to worry again, you will get all the updates completely free. I have reviewed a lot of guides and builds and of all of them I have found only two are worth  mentioning one is Rift Supremacy guide and the seconds is Rift Xerxes Guide.

Check out top Rift Leveling guide and get complete set of new 1.5 builds for both Defiant and Guardians here.

Update guide for Rift 1.5 was designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

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How to Gear Your Mage For PvE


How to Gear Your Mage For PvE

Article by Dan Talley

Mages are one of the toughest classes in the game to master. If you want to learn how to create a perfect Mage you might want to keep reading.

The first item on the mage you want to focus on is the gear. If you have poor quality gear than you will not go very far. There are a few ways to obtain decent gear; the best way to start getting gear is through heroic dungeons. While you make your way through these dungeons you will have a chance to receive an epic item, as well as marks. If you are able to save up enough of these marks you can purchase other gear. Any good Mage PvE Guide will tell you this.

Another item you should focus on when preparing for PvE is you talents. Many people have a lot of trouble speccing their character. It can cost a lot of time and money to find the perfect build. One build I have found very effective is 0/53/18. A good Mage PvE Guide will give you not just one build, but multiple builds with full detail.

Any good Mage PvE Guide will not just tell you to focus on gear and talents, but also glyphs, gems, enchants, and even flasks.

Any Mage who is serious about raiding will have the following items; Flask of the Frost Wyrm, Potion of Speed, Potion of Wild Magic, Crazy Alchemist’s Potion, Runic Mana Potion, Powerful Rejuvenation Potion, Elixir of Mighty Thoughts, Elixir of Mighty Mageblood, Spellpower Elixir, Elixir of Accuracy, Elixir of Deadly Strikes, Elixir of Lightning Speed.

A good PvE Guide will tell you exactly what you will need and the best way to get it. There are so many things that go into every class in the game, but the most important thing to remember when raiding is preparation. Having a good PvE Guide will ensure you have the things you need for success.

Click here to read a Complete PvE Guide review.

About the Author


Hi my name is Dan Talley. I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2004 and I have always enjoyed it.

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Beware the Rogue Markets: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Paid Search


Beware the Rogue Markets: A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Paid Search

In the paid search world, one of the most overlooked elements of campaign success is geo-targeting. For national advertisers, PPC geo-targeting is an absolute must; however, few are utilizing this tool to its full potential.

Unlike traditional media (such as TV or print) or display advertising online, paid search gives you (the advertiser) plenty of controls to reach your audience based upon their location. Furthermore, you have continuous control of these markets and campaigns. Paid search is not like a billboard run or TV spot that’s purchased months in advance (campaigns that are not easy to change once flight dates have been established). As a paid search advertiser, you have the control to make changes at any point.

While having controls over campaign changes gives paid search an advantage over traditional media, the ability to get granular with PPC geo-targeting is very valuable. With paid search, you’re able to reach a customer internationally, in specific countries, in specific states, in a certain city or DMA (Designated Market Area), or by coordinates around a particular point. This type of targeting capability is simply unavailable through traditional media avenues. The unparalleled quality of PPC geo-targeting options ensures more targeted and effective use of media dollars, eliminating media waste.

The Searching Efficiency of PPC Geo-Targeting

PPC geo-targeting lets you target two types of searchers: (1) the searcher who is within a given location looking for a general keyword and (2) the searcher who is searching with a geographic location included in the search query. For example, Jane is looking for a pet clothing boutique in Los Angeles. She may visit Google and search for “pet clothing stores.” In this search, she may see plenty of paid search ads, but what are the chances she’ll find an advertiser in Los Angeles?

Frustrated, Jane continues her search and tries searching for “los angeles pet clothing stores.” In this case, the search results are little more useful for Jane and she moves forward with her research.


This example demonstrates that to fully capitalize on search behavior, advertisers must be present during both types of searches; a search query with geographic location and a search query without geographic location. Your potential customers are searching this way, and you must ensure they can find your website through both avenues by testing general keywords with and without geographic locations.

All Markets Are Not Created Equally

PPC geo-targeting is also extremely useful for testing new and unique promotions per market. In many cases, many national paid search advertisers will roll out a new promo, new landing page, or new version of the website throughout the entire nation. However, by using the PPC geo-targeting capabilities of the search engines, the same advertiser could test only a couple of markets for performance, gauge results, then roll out to the entire nation. In this scenario, you are not crippling yourself in the event your new initiative doesn’t generate the results you anticipate. You can test first, learn, adapt, and execute initiatives that will generate proven results.

PPC geo-targeting is also beneficial for advertisers who provide services and sales, but perhaps not both to each market. For example, a computer parts shop sells product through its website nationally, but only provides services and performs repairs in its home city. In this case, the store can create multiple paid search campaigns, one set that targets sales, while the other set of campaigns target service, repairs, and installation.

Although trying PPC campaigns in test markets before rolling them out nationwide is extremely valuable, it’s also important to note that every market is not created equally. This is a common mistake that many of our clients’ previous SEM agencies make. How a keyword, ad, or landing page performs in Los Angeles isn’t exactly how it will perform in Atlanta. Yet, a majority of paid search advertisers have no way of knowing exactly how each market is performing on the media side, or with regards to conversion, sales, revenue, and ROI. Usually, an advertiser will make overall campaign changes to a poorly performing nationally targeted campaign, when in fact it’s only a couple of “rogue” markets that are negatively influencing results.

The Nitty-Gritty of Paid Search Success

To truly get this granular, an advertiser would need to geo-target and create unique campaigns per market. In this scenario, you can treat each market to its own ad copy, making the ad more targeted and qualified to the searcher. You can create a geo-specific landing page that aligns with your ad copy and resonates with your visitors. And, ultimately, you have greater cost controls over each individual market.

Some challenges associated with PPC geo-targeting usually involve campaign management. In the situation where an advertiser builds out a massive list of geo-targeted keywords, the management of this extensive list can certainly become a challenge. Think about all the different cities, counties, and zip codes you could associate with general keywords. Needless to say, building an extensive list like this will make the campaign management process a bit more challenging. Thankfully, there are campaign management tools and applications out there (ideal for your PPC geo-targeting needs) to help mitigate this issue.

So as you’re developing or having your SEM agency work on your campaign, keep in mind that there is an entire world outside of general keywords. This includes an extensive opportunity to find geo-targeted keywords for inclusion in your campaign. Also, where it makes sense, think of creating unique campaigns per top market. While a bit more management and time is required initially to learn the ins and outs of PPC geo-targeting tactics, the measurement capabilities and performance of creating geo-targeted campaigns are vital to any organization’s paid search success.

(C) Medium Blue 2009

Hamid Saify is the Director of Search Advertising for Medium Blue, an Atlanta search engine optimization company,where he develops paid searching marketing campaigns, crafting and implementing SEO strategies that integrate with the overall marketing and business objectives. Prior to joining Medium Blue, Hamid worked both the agency and client side in online media and e-commerce in Los Angeles, serving as Interactive Marketing Manager at Webmetro, servicing a client roster that included Frederick’s of Hollywood, Murad, and the Merrick Group. He also had client side roles at 3 Day Blinds as Director of E-Commerce and at Jewelry Exchange as VP of Internet Operations. Hamid graduated with honors from Georgia State University with a dual BBA in Marketing and Management and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the nation’s leading honors society for business professionals. To see how we can help you achieve your online marketing goals, please contact us.

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Rift Power Leveling


Rift Power Leveling

Article by Lamont Brady

You ought to decide on properly when it arrives to Callings simply because it can not be modified. We propose that you consider out every of the 4 callings ahead of you finalize your alternative of which to use.Subsequent occur the Roles in Rift. You could choose up to three Roles to perform. The distinct Roles include therapeutic, ranged, melee, DPS, solo PVE, and assist. You probably currently have a choice for how you like to play these kinds of games. You could be DPS on one particular, help on yet another, and solo PVE on a 3rd, etc. Roles can be effortlessly changed in the recreation of Rift with just one particular simply click.Lastly, we arrive to the Souls in Rift. Souls in Rift are quite considerably like lessons in other MMO video games. Every single Soul comes with its personal set of exclusive attributes and abilities. The Xerxes Rift Information passes this with flying colors. Despite the fact that I like to uncover my individual way through most quests, when I felt misplaced, I understood I could constantly flip to the Xerxes Rift Guide for a comprehensive walkthrough. Second, it ought to offer detailed build guides for leveling, PVP and raiding. Again, this information didnt fail to impress. It has thorough guidance on creating the most effective construct, no make any difference your calling. And, it has independent suggestions for PVP, leveling and raiding, which is often helpful. Third, a excellent video sport guidebook need to have tips and tricks for handling all the surprises Rift has to offer you, from Rifts to dungeons to bosses. This is maybe wherever the Xerxes Rift information stands out. I was shocked by the effectiveness of its guidance, and giddy like a child when I dominated a random Rift! In terms of satisfying the expectations and comprehensiveness needed by a Rift manual, the Xerxes Rift guidebook earns a nine. I never felt like the manual was missing, and only consider the guidebook could be enhanced with somewhat a lot more thorough maps.Final results: Now, a information may cover all these major anticipations, but not produce the outcomes a gamer expects. When I go through the Xerxes Rift Information I was expecting to see the pace of my leveling enhance, my information of the video game expand and my dominance in PVP to be eminent. The Xerxes Rift guidebook, yet again, delivers. Was I the best Rift player following reading it? No. Most likely not even close. But I was significantly far better, and I undoubtedly felt a significantly great command of the sport mechanics, especially builds and PVP, then I had beforehand. I undoubtedly was no more time struggling to keep tempo with my pals, and for the most element, was effectively exceeding them. In phrases of benefits i give the Xerxes Rift manual an 8. It ain’t excellent and it hasn’t uncovered some solution cheat the programmers left in the game that enable you to become invincible. But you will be a significantly better participant after reading through the Xerxes Rift guidebook.Appeal: So a a information may possibly provide the benefits, but it may well just not be worth the money. The Xerxes Rift guide arrives in at 37 pounds, a bit more expensive than a standard video clip video game guide you’d find in an EB video games.

About the Author

I am a gamer and I trully really like gameing and I appear ahead to whats to occur. Thank you for examining this.rift guide

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