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Rift Bots help automate tasks in this GREAT MMORPG

Rift Bots was designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Rift BotsWant to bot in Rift? A bot is a software program that automates tasks like fighting monsters, moving, looting corpses, and gathering. The purpose of a Rift bot is to earn your character experience, reputation, profession skill points, or platinum coins. A bot for rift can level you to 50, then help you farm REP with factions, powerlevel a gathering skill, or farm you platinum to purchase gear upgrades and expensive consumables.

Bots are incredibly simple to use nowadays. Game bots have simple GUIs for quick configuration of features and setup. Whereas a couple years ago, most bots were simple macros that required script editing, today you can now setup a bot in a matter of minutes. Many players are botting now to level more quickly and earn platinum quickly. When you first download your bot and are ready to run it, you will have to start by making a waypoint file, that directs your bot to enemies or nodes to gather from. To achieve this you will have to start waypoint recording, and moving your character around where you want the bot to travel.

The next step is to configure your combat. The bot does not know which spells and skills you’ve got, or the optimal rotations, which means you will need to configure this. As you become more experienced with your bot you will get closer to perfecting your combat setup that should increase your experience earned per hour. With those steps, and some other options configured you are ready to begin your botting adventures!

One concern lots of people have when thinking about botting is the safety of it. The last thing you’d like is your account suspended. Luckly, it is incredibly rare these days. Rift has zero anticheat. So botting software itself cannot be found by the game client. Instead, many people are banned because they’re reported by a player in game. You do not have to worry about this usually since bots are so sophisticated today and behave much like a player, moving and fighting realistically. Providing you are certain to make a good waypoint path and setup your combat well, you’ll appear just like a normal player.

There are many different reasons to bot. Many people get fed up with doing the same old quests with a new alt, and want to powerlevel that character up to allow them to access dungeons, raids, or pvp content. Many people merely enjoy botting and earning exp with virtually no work. You might simply want to get caught up to a guild mate or friend who’s progressing faster than you.

Rift Bots can help you successfully and quickly level up!

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