PvP vs. PvE: Which Game Style Better Helps Your Power Leveling in RIFT?


PvP vs. PvE: Which Game Style Better Helps Your Power Leveling in RIFT?

Article by Dana Hartsman

PvP and PvE are two separate things. PvP relates to fighting against other players, whether this fighting takes place in Warfronts or just open world PvP while PvE combat is about overcoming the enemies implemented by game designers. A powerleveling guide will always suggest PvE for power leveling in Rift.

Also PvP gear and PvE gear are different things. The stats are the same (Dexterity for Rogues, Strength for Warriors, Wisdom or Intelligence for Mages and Clerics) but PvP gear has one more additional stat: Valor. Valor reduces the damage received from other players. It’s a PvP only stat with no use in PvE combat. When it comes to any other stat PvP gear might have slightly better values than PvE gear.

Sometimes this may overcome the fact that Valor is useless for E and that’s the reason some players might prefer P gear. A powerleveling guide for PvP can be consulted to learn about the best and fastest ways to get PvP gear.

However, there are players that do these two gears and vice versa. How they get away with it and how successful is this pretty much depends on given situation and luck. While questing is the most efficient way of leveling as suggested by any powerleveling guide some players prefer to level with Warfronts.

As the only difference between PvP and PvE gear is the Valor stat there are times when a full PvE geared player can still take down players in Warfronts. The analogy holds true for PvP geared players doing PvE content. Killing mobs while questing it’s not a problem even if the player is PvP geared. So PvP gear works just fine when it comes to power leveling in Rift.

Not even when doing a pre level 50 dungeon PvP geared players shouldn’t encounter too many problems. Of course, due to Valor being useless for E they lose a stat but if they know how to play their Calling and if the other party members perform efficiently P gear might work.

But things change after level 50. What worked while power leveling in Rift will not work anymore. Expert dungeons and raids are far more difficult than pre level 50 normal instances. The boss mechanics are more complex, require a high level of skill, attention and also the right gear. Losing a stat is simply unacceptable.

And frankly, there is no raid leader that would take a P geared player while diving in Hammerknell. There may be times when one PvP item is preferred because of its superior stats but there are no circumstances when a full P geared player will perform its E role successfully.

So, wearing P gear while doing pre level 50 E content it’s not a big issue. Although a powrleveling guide will not recommend it most times it will work just the same as PvE gear simply because the content it’s not that difficult. Player skills, in depth Calling knowledge and reliable party members are things to consider when power leveling in Rift content while wearing full PvP gear.

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Dana Hartsman is an avid online mmo player and sough out expert in power leveling for the game of RIFT. You can visit his blog for this and many other topics: http://www.Power-Leveling-Secrets-Guide.com

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