Release of the game online role Rift PC


Release of the game online role Rift PC

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The world of online roleplaying games remains largely dominated by World of Warcraft that is used most often to master standard and inspiration to its competitors. This is still undoubtedly the case for massively multiplayer online game Rift coming out this Friday, March 4 on PC. The similarities are obvious, but fans of MMOs should find pleasure in the game developed by Trion Worlds, not least at the level graphical particularly successful. Rift certainly does not shine a very original, but it is doing pretty well in the use of rules of the genre.Create your character

So before you begin your quest in Rift , you will always be in the role-playing online choose your faction. You have the choice between the good guys, the Guardians, and the bad, the Renegades. You can choose to play as a female or male belonging to one of 3 races Mathosiens among the High Elves and the Dwarves to the Guardians and Bahm, the Eth and Kelari for the Renegades. Then you must choose your class from mage, warrior, cleric and thief and a little more complex for your character you can assign vocations and commune with the souls of the elders to take advantage of new skills. The character editor, very complete, you will change the physical appearance of your character down to the smallest detail.MMO not original, but solid

At the created universe to accomplish quests and gameplay, Rift does not shine by its originality, but it may be the price to pay for not confuse fans of online gaming and fantasy . At least the game is doing it with honor in its realization. It will therefore always lead as epic battles against the opposing faction to dominate a territory still larger and prove its value in garnering awards, accumulating wealth and evolving character. The advantage of learning from other MMORPGs is the ease for experienced players to understand and implement the orders and perform their tasks without having to spend too much time with the tutorials. We would still appreciate a little more innovation. But do not spoil our fun, Rift promises to be a role-playing online in good order.A Collector’s Edition

Rift spell so this Friday, March 4 PC . It is also available in a collector’s edition which also contains the game music,rift platinumand a mouse pad, a comic book and bonuses at stake to navigate a world as complex as a MMOPRG , it is recommended to go for a ride on the official site rather well done to discover many details. To find out what looks like Rift visually, you can watch the video below cons.

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Sector role-playing online for 5 years remains dominated by the invincible World of Warcraft. Rift released on March 4 on PC and just try to create a loophole in this hegemony. So choose your side, customize your character and the way to Telara!

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