Rift Airplanes involving Telara Player vs player


Rift Airplanes involving Telara Player vs player

Capitals and hammer villages are prime targets for a enemies. For people with your hammer inside the capital you have got one important village less to protect. Your capital also produces most of your crops, and also speed settings crop production won’t suddenly drop heavily with the negative side if you decide to transport your troops. This saves you against the headache of moving many food off their villages.

However, it’s hard to build great barracks or great stable in your own capital. This increases your time and efforts considerably, if you’re going to create a huge army. Training a hammer also takes a few building slots, slots for you to desperately need in the capital for warehouses and granaries to build higher level croplands.

The greater number of popular choice among top players in Travian is almost always to have a very good specific village by which to build the hammer; the hammer village or an offensive village. Unlike the funding, this village could be captured and feeding your troops can become an irritation from the ass after. Effective duration A quarter-hour if unused.

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Elf Templar Tree)

1. Wisdom Buff-Level 5: Adds to the Wisdom of this target by 15% for Half an.

2. Reincarnation-Level 5: Resurrects target all the way to level 100 with 75% HP and MP. Restores 70% of this experience lost.

3. Intelligence Buff-Level 5: Adds to the Intelligence with the target by 15% for 60 minutes.

4. Rebirth-Level 1: Generally if the caster dies within 30 seconds associated with this skill, experience loss cannot apply.

5. Absorb HP-Level 1: 3% of physical damage dealt is evolved into HP.

6. Dispel-Level 5: Randomly removes 5 buffs from an enemy or 5 debuffs on a friendly target.

7. Holy Hammer-Level 5: Increases 1-handed hammer damage by 12% and attack speed by 60% for Half-hour.

8. Party Absorb HP-Level 1: 2% of physical damage dealt is transformed into HP for the entire party.

9. Reflection-Level 5: Harmful skill effects and debuffs are reflected back up in the caster for 50 seconds.

10. Holy Crash-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack skill with damage add up to 500% of Intelligence. Also stuns the target.

11. MP Barrier-Level 5: Each 10 HP damage taken is changed to 10 MP consumed.

12. Unravel-Level 1: Removes root status in the target.

13. Hammer Stun-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack that damages 8 enemies in a very radius of 14 meters and stuns for six seconds.

14. Final Crash-Level 5: Attack spell with damage commensurate with 800% of Wisdom.

15. AOE MP Drain-Level 5: Attack spell that damages the point and X enemies around it with 90% MP damage and does 14 times that amount as HP damage.

16. Cast Over-Level 1: Next skill used within A few seconds is usually cast instantly.

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