Rift Ashes of History Key Features!


Rift Ashes of History Key Features

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will now allow you to advance beyond level 50!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will help you in your quest to successfully and quickly level up!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features=ASHES OF HISTORY FEATURES=

  • New Chronicles, epic storyline experiences for solo and duo players
  • New Planar Attunement system lets you continue to grow your character past level 50 and choose how you want to enhance their abilities.
  • New competitive rewards have been added for purchase with high-level zone event currency. Find them on the Planar Goods merchants in Sanctum & Meridian!
  • The Golden Maw unleashes chaos from an abandoned kingdom across the sea, as the Ashes of History world event begins SOON! 


  • Chronicles, epic story line experiences for duos and strong solo characters, begin rolling out with 1.5.
  • The Chronicles of Attunement is a solo experience for all characters that reach level 50, congratulating them on their journey and introducing players to the Planar Attunement system.
  • Duo or strong solo 50s can enter the Chronicles version of Greenscale’s Blight or Hammerknell to take part in additional storylines separate from the Raid versions of these zones.
  • The rewards for Chronicles – outside of taking part in the story itself! – include Planar Attunement experience, gear of use to newly-50 Ascended, and chances at unique artifacts, new and old vanity items, and mounts from prior events.
  • Level 50 characters can access the new Chronicles window from the menu buttons on-screen or by pressing the ‘J’ key.
  • Under times of high demand, Chronicles will use a queue system to make sure everyone gets their turn!


  • Advancement doesn’t stop at level 50; after the Chronicles of Attunement, you can start earning Planar Attunement experience to further customize and enhance your character!
  • Planar Attunements provide base enhancements to your character’s Calling from each Plane, and is not Soul-specific.
  • Your experience bar will turn into a Planar Attunement meter when you reach level 50. The mouse over tooltip will indicate that you are earning experience toward Planar Attunement.
  • You must purchase all Planar Attunement abilities of a given tier before you can begin spending points in the next tier up.


  • Rift players are what make RIFT possible – as a ‘thank you’ from Trion to all of us gamers; additional bonuses are earned based on how long you’ve been in Telara.
  • Veteran Rewards are calculated based on prior existing time subscribed as well as any purchased future subscription time on your account. For example, if you’ve been subscribed for 3 months and renew a 3-month subscription, you will receive 6-month Veteran Rewards at the time the renewal occurs.
  • Check your in-game mailbox to receive Veteran Rewards!
  • For additional details including the list of rewards and milestones, click here


  • For those Ascended looking for a group-sized challenge, new Master Mode dungeons are underway, starting with Darkening Deeps.
  • Intended for elite groups of Ascended, these Master modes may require you to use multiple roles and advanced tactics including crowd control and support souls.
  • Epic rewards await those who successfully complete these dungeon modes; dropped items are more powerful than tier 2 Expert gear and provide an alternative to Raid Rifts and entry Raids for gear. There are rumors of a few super-powerful items to be found as well!
  • Groups wishing to tackle Master Mode dungeons must form up and enter the zone with the Master dungeon difficulty selected. Master Mode groups cannot be formed through the Looking for Group tool.


  • A new Warfront joins the weekend rotation – this one in an all-new setting!
  • Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of abandoned Dwarven Rune vessels. With the ability to bind powerful planar beings, these artifacts could prove invaluable to the armies of Ascended.
  • Join the fight to control these powerful vessels – but be warned, the longer one is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away at your soul.
  • Earn points for your team by holding the relic as long as possible. None can withstand the power of the relic for too long, though, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. Points can also be gained by defeating enemy players.
  • * Awesome new weapons, armor, and Synergy Crystals have been added to the Planar Goods merchants that can be purchased with Inscribed Sourcestone – these are expert-level equipment and worth checking out as a means of gearing up
  • your character!
  • * Combined Crystal sourcestone and Inscribed Sourcestone into a single currency for end game rift rewards.
  • * Crystal Sourcestone has been removed and any existing Crystal Sourcestone will automatically be converted into Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * Added Inscribed Sourcestone drops to all high level events, Rifts, and Rift related daily quests.
  • * Significantly increased the rate in which players can obtain Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * Items that used to cost Crystal Sourcestone have had their costs converted to Inscribed Sourcestone.
  • * A new Warfront Accolade callout system gives recognition and group bonuses to Favor, Experience, and Prestige for completing a variety of certain feats in Warfront PvP.
  • * Example feats include the defeat of two opponents at once, defeating multiple opponents in a row without dying yourself, or for saving a teammate from the brink of death with a well timed heal. There are even Warfront-specific feats for unique actions!


  • You can now interact with merchants, quest NPCs, and Healer NPCs while they are in combat! This should help in some situations where a great many invaders are present.
  • Trinkets and other usable-equippables will now enter a 30-second cool down period when equipped.
  • Quantum Sight and Omen Sight now last 15 minutes.
  • The Planar Vendors in Sanctum and Meridian have been reorganized to
  • hopefully make them more user-friendly. A number of the goods available have been re-priced.
  • Ascended Powers are now on their own merchant in Sanctum and Meridian.
  • Fixed an edge case with master looting where a group could become ineligible for assigned loot.
  • Fixed a bug where characters could end up with multiple stacks of Soul Exhaustion.
  • Fixed the message ‘Dummy has decayed from [item] appearing whenever a temporary enchantment was applied to an item.
  • NPCs now give a more descriptive error message when you attempt to turn in too many repeatable quests in a single day.
  • If you try to pay for a cash-on-delivery mail attachment multiple times, we don’t actually charge you more than once.
  • When right-clicking stackable items to move them into a Guild Bank, they will be merged into any existing stacks in the bank if there is room.
  • Quests that share updates with party members will now also share across the whole raid, not just within your raid group.
  • Using click-to-move no longer acts bizarrely if you click on a floor above or below your character.
  • Smart Targeting now actually changes your target to the one chosen by your ability.

If you want to see the latest guide with all of the updates incorporated, click here, vids included!

Rift Ashes of History Key Features will help in managing all that is new in Rift!

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