Rift Beginners Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Rift As A Beginner


Rift Beginners Guide – Everything You Need to Know About Rift As A Beginner

Have you recently started playing rift and are on the hunt for some good Rift Beginners Guides? If yes, then you cannot be at a better place now as this article will help you understand some unique aspects related to rogue souls in rift that will make you better at the game. The three most common terms that you would come across is Rift calling, rift role and rift souls.

1.    Calling – The type of calling would be the type of archetype that you have to decide. This cannot be changed after you have chosen it. The different callings include Mage, Warrior, Rage and Cleric. Before you decide on what type of calling that you want to be, try out all the different types and choose the correct one. Do not go by any preconceived notions before you choose the calling.

2.    Role – Role is the type of function that you will play in the game. These could be a Ranged character, Melee character, a healer or various builds or combinations of them. You will be able to opt for three roles. You can choose the roles based on your strategy, style, and play.

3.    Souls – Soul can be defined as what is known as a class in the other games. The souls have some basic skills that can be enhanced further. There are around eight souls for each type of calling and for a particular role, there are three souls. Hence, you can do any permutation and combination of souls. The right combination of your calling, role and soul will be the key determinants when you try to master the game.

Using a step by step guide to Rift for beginners

The information mentioned above would have surely helped you understand the basics of Rift. If you try a step by step guide, you will know in detail about the different strategies and combinations that you can use.

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If you understood the basics related to callings, roles and souls, then you are all set to start. However, if you want to move ahead in a rapid pace, you should opt for the step by step guide.

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