Rift Blueprint Good or Bad? A Good Review of Riftblueprint Guide


Rift Blueprint Good or Bad? A Good Review of Riftblueprint Guide

RIFT: Planes of Telara is a newly developed massively multiplayer online role playing game ready for launch this early March of 2011. Beginners and pro gamers alike are already anticipating for its release. There have been many fortunate people who were chosen to play beta. Luckily, these guys have already spent thousands of their hours playing the game gaining advantage over anyone who waits in desperate yearning until its release date. Yes! Many are expected to slump and be left behind. If you are not prepared for this international fantasy bloodshed, you will surely crawl for survival. I suspect it would be difficult for anyone to reach the top level without a dense competition.

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But do not let this to discourage you. There are too many rooms for success in this game. Brace yourselves! If you are a seasoned gamer (who haven’t got the chance to play beta and advance in the game) or whether you are a newbie, I suggest that you seek the help of a good Rift game guide.

My name is Jordan, a veteran online player. I spent half of my life playing computer games and was hooked with MMORP games since 8 years ago. When it comes to games, it is true that nothing beats experience. But there came a point in my gaming career when I got tired of wandering aimlessly inside the game. I don’t know what exactly to do and I just did whatever is instructed for me to perform. The excitement was there but it wears off fast as I spent hours and hours (even weeks) figuring out the “marvels” and reach the highest possible level that I can. Sometimes, I can’t even finish the game! That was the old days. And I knew you probably experienced that too.

That is when I learned to use ‘guides’. I found a great game guidebook for both rookies and expert players who want to play RIFT. The Rift Blueprint Guide is by far the most outstanding rift manual I have found in the market. This is an extensive ebook compiled tediously by renowned Farmville Secrets author, Tony Sanders. This guide will walk with you all throughout Telara, from start to finish, and from focal point down to its depths. Inside this marvelous Sanders’ creation is valuable information about the two factions, what calling is best for you, and the souls perfect for your character. Also included in this guide are strategies and combat tactics for closing rifts, beat dungeon bosses and excel in PvP fights. If you are playing for Guardian or Defiant, there should be no problem with that! This guide is sure to provide you with tactics to win regardless of your level! Tony Sanders will also show you the best abilities and skills for your character, builds, and faster way to reach level cap! Of course, money is everything. Paying for roles and buying gears and equipments inside the game can get pretty nasty. The best of everything in there are too pricey and you needed favors and cash to be able to purchase whatever that you desire. In this guide, it will show you how to accumulate cash FASTER than anyone!

You will find GOLD MINE in this book! The valuables you get in here is priceless. But one of the few great things about this guide is that, it is legit. Tips are absolutely 100% legal. The book doesn’t offer cheats and exploits. If you’re not satisfied with the manual or simply not getting the result you wanted, you can return the book and you will be refunded fully. Without questions ask!

This Rift Blueprint Guide will not only show you around Telara but will also teach you HOW TO CONQUER Telara. Do not waste your precious time farming for platinum, excite your fighting spirit and get directly into business! Get yourself a copy of this Rift Blueprint and prepare to WIN!

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