Rift Class Build – A Starter Guide To Rift Class Builds!


Rift Class Build – A Starter Guide To Rift Class Builds!

The class system is one of the more versatile features of the Rift game because it dramatically improves the options available to players in terms of skill selection and character creation. Players can choose from four different classes with up to eight souls per class and 3 selections per character when building a game-persona and this gives the user near unlimited options in the final skill set and capabilities for that character. Nowhere else will you find such diversity and freedom in character creation that you are more than guaranteed to enjoy unleashing your pimped up game character on the Planes of Telara.

The Rift Class builds currently available fall under the classifications of Cleric, Mages, Rogues, and Warriors. Each of these classes have their own strengths and weaknesses which contribute to the uniqueness of the Rift game.

Rift Class builds from the Warrior branch are typical defensive specialists relying on mainly armor to ward off enemy attack. Warrior builds are very strong, able to withstand huge enemy mobs and resist damage. For this reason, they excel in group scenarios when they can simply attract the attention of enemy mobs and sit in the middle of the crowd shrugging the damage as other members of the group are freed up to do their tasks. The souls belonging to the Warrior class are Beastmaster, Champion, Paladin, Paragon, Reaver, Riftblade, Vindicator, Void Knight, and Warlord all possessing very strong defensive attributes that are the envy of many other Rift characters.

The second Rift class build available are the clerics. They are primarily healers which make them indispensable to the way the game works. Whether you are in PvP, Rift, or dungeon raid, the group will need healers to ensure it doesn’t take more damage than necessary to get the job done. An attribute that is unique to the Rift game is that Clerics here are more defensively equipped than in other MMORPGs which erases the “liability” tag commonly ascribed to other game healers. Cleric souls include the Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, Justicar, Purifier, Sentinel, Shaman, Templar, and Warden.

The third Rift class build that a player can choose from is the Mage class. The primary strength of Mages lie on their ranged attributes allowing to excel in crowd control abilities to assist the tank. Crowd control refers to the ability to ward off enemies for a period, limiting them to within a certain distance, which provides more than adequate time for group members to buckle down in time for a big fight. Mage souls include the Archmage, Archon, Chloromancer, Dominator, Elementalist, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Stormcaller and Walock.

The last but certainly not least Rift class build are the Rogues which excel at dealing physical damage. They are both close-ranged, melee, and distance damage dealers. Combining multiple souls from the Rogue gives the character various options at ranged or melee attacks making them formidable entrants on the battlefield. Rogue souls include the Assassin, Bard, Bladedancer, Infiltrator, Marksman, Nightblade, Ranger, Riftstalker, and Saboteur.

The Rift class build is certainly on a league of its own compared to similar games owing to its versatility and diversity. It is one game that is guaranteed to keep you entertained and interested for many days to come.

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