Rift Cleric Build Guide – Perfect Cleric Build For Solo And Group Play


Rift Cleric Build Guide – Perfect Cleric Build For Solo And Group Play

Article by Carson Horn

For the same purpose, a Sentinel-centric Rift Cleric build specializing on healing would be like Sentinel (34) – Templar (20) – Purified (12) or Sentinel (32) – Warden (12) – Purified (2). Surely, there are additional types of Rift Cleric builds as the souls system of Rift almost provides it with unlimited spec options that can be configured depending on the purpose. Additionally you can develop your own Rift Cleric build and fine-tune in the process and depending on scenarios that you’d would like to participate. Rift Cleric builds are clearly dynamic enough to reply to any situation that you’re around bound to find them to be practically situation at the Planes of Telara.Are you presently playing because the Cleric in Rift as well as figure out how to properly build your character for just a situation? To be able to learn how to perfectly you could make your Cleric to provide a healer, tanker or DPS character, below are a few tips possibly find useful.Before all of us within the soul combinations on your Cleric, lets fail each soul with the complete understand of what each soul can perform.Warden Soul – The Warden soul is usually a water based healer which may heal players for a little while period. They’re also better known for their quick mana regeneration.Sentinel Soul – This soul is amazingly good at group play because it has excellent AOE healing abilities.Purifier Soul – This soul has very weak damage against enemies, however is excellent on the subject of healing party members or yourself. The Purifier soul is terrific support and its most suitable for raids, parties or PVP.Inquisitor Soul – Simply using a blend of life and death magic spells, the Inquisitor soul deals loads of DPS difficulties for enemies. Along with this being soul terrific at DPS, what’s more, it has DoTs which enable it to ensnare and CC enemies easily.Cabalist Soul – The Cabalist soul is rather are able of dealing AOE damage towards enemy targets, however are incredibly weak and finding the lowest risks of survival during combat. It is strongly recommended to fight from afar.Justicar Soul – The Justicar soul is a main tanking soul for Mages.Shaman Soul – The place that the Shaman soul lacks in healing and defense, it can make it up in melee DPS. This soul can effectively protect against opponents and deal a ton of damage.Druid Soul – The Druid soul is comparable to the Shaman soul simply because it are also able to deal melee DPS. The actual between Druid additionally, the Shaman is it soul has the ability to summon a pet.Now that you’ve got a good quality basic perception of all Mage souls, we’re able to start the combinations and builds for solo and group play.If you need to get a soloing Mage character, you can either decide on a meelee or ranged DPS. Once you choose melee DPS, select the Druid as the main soul and finding the Shaman and Warden for your off souls. This build enables you to use Druid’s capacity summon a dog to heal you during battle and also the Shaman’s buff to increase additional DPS to the enemies.Now, if you wish to manifest as a ranged DPS character, choose to work with the Inquisitor while the main soul plus the Purifier and Warden as off-souls.

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The justicar class for example thrives in combat since their magical abilities heal typically as they swing their weapons. Justicars can even heal automatically in tune recommended to their swing. Visit – Rift Cleric Justicar Builds

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