Rift Cleric Builds Guide


Rift Cleric Builds Guide

In this Rift Cleric Builds Guide, we are gonna look at the 8 different souls of the Cleric calling and how they fare in different game environments.

The Cleric Calling is mainly a healer calling but with both DPS and Tanking Abilities. It can do both Melee and Ranged DPS. The Currentimplementation of the tank soul isn’t completely viable. The 8 souls of the cleric are

Shaman,Druid (melee DPS)

Inquisitor and Cabalist(Ranged DPS)

The Sentinal,Warden and Purifier(Healing).

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The Justicar soul although is a tank soul, but in its current form isn’t completely viable, although paired with another melee class can bring good off healing. Every calling gets a zero point ability, which is gained by just equipping that soul. Let us know look at this Rift cleric guide to see how the cleric fares in both Group and Solo Play.

Rift Cleric Builds
Rift Cleric Builds for Solo Gameplay

There are two solo builds, melee and ranged. They both are almost identical except for their play styles.

Melee Rift Cleric Builds:  This mainly uses the Shaman, Druid and the Warden soul. You can take either Druid or Shaman to start with, but the Warden is to be taken second. Warden provides a HoT, the healing Spray which is the zero point ability.


The Druid has a Faerie pet, which automatically casts a HoT, which improves survivability. The pet a ranged attack which takes a lot of mana, but doesn’t do much damage.  It is better to turn it off so that it doesn’t end up mana starving itself. It is very fragile so you need to take care of it. You need to then unlock Crag Hammer which is an hour long buff that adds damage to your melee attacks.  Take the talent which reduces the cooldown of eruption of life. This ability does a small amount of damage but also has a chance of doing huge damage when it stacks. Balm of the Woods which is a druid talent, is to be taken. It is an instant cast heal on a cooldown.

The Shaman’s zero point ability, Vengence of the Winter Storm also adds melee damage.  Use the shaman’s base attacka ability. The shaman tree allows you to buff your critical chance and damage.

Ranged Rift Cleric Builds:  The Inquisitor tree is the main tree. Use the Warden for the HoT(explained above) and the Purifier  for the self absorbing shield. As an Inquisitor use Bolt of Judgement for most of your damage and cast Vex, which is an instant cast DoT. Get the castinging reduction on Bolt of Judgement and augment Vex so that heals you for the portion of damage it does. Bolt of Depravity can be talented to do addition damage over time. Bolt of judgement also a percentage chance to proc a buff that makes Bolt of Depravity an instant cast.

So you mainly use Bolt of Judgement till buff procs use of Bolt of Depravity. Rinse and repeat.

Rift Cleric Builds for Group Gamplay

Rift Cleric Builds for Healing: There are three healing souls. Warden is a HoT based healing class, the Purifier uses big heals and Sentinel uses group healing with some instant heals. All these will work pretty fine at all levels of implemented dungeons at the moment.  What to pick just depends on your play style.

The Zero point ability of the Sentinel is a instant cast heal, The Warden’s is a HoT which are both useful in party play. The Purifier is self only, which really doesn’t fit into Group Play.

Rift Cleric Builds for Offhealing : The Justicar works well for offhealing, it really doesn’t do that well in the tank department. With Justicar, Shaman and Druid you can do some off healing, all you need to do is get the talent which heals you while doing damage. Theoretically it should work, but lower levels it simply seems useless.

In this Rift Cleric Builds Guide we have seen the over view of the Cleric’s gameplay in different situations and different play styles.

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