Rift Cleric Builds-Guide To Leveling Up With A Rift Cleric And The Best Souls For Solo Or Group Play


Rift Cleric Builds-Guide To Leveling Up With A Rift Cleric And The Best Souls For Solo Or Group Play

Rift Cleric Builds will give guidance in choosing souls for your gameplay

Rift Cleric Builds provides help in successfully and quickly leveling up in Rift

Rift Cleric BuildsIn the game of Rift you can choose four souls for your chosen class of character, this can be tricky not to mention very time consuming. This article will show you Rift Cleric builds for solo play and group play and show you the best souls to use for leveling up your Rift Mage.

Ok if you are new to the game then you can have one soul as your main and two more that you can use to boost the powers of your Cleric. First let us look at a Rift Cleric build for solo play.

First if you opt for a melee Rift Cleric then your main soul just has to be the Druid, mainly because of the faerie that can be summoned to heal you, the next soul is the Warden and then the Shaman.

If you opt for ranged dps for your Rift Cleric builds then your first soul should be the Inquisitor, this has the awesome nuke spell which can dish out huge damage. For your second and third souls choose the Purifier and Warden because of their sheilding abilities and their ability to heal you slowly.

This step of the Rift Cleric builds is for group playing. There are two roads you can follow here, they are healer or dps, I prefer healer but that’s just my choice. A dps Cleric for group play is really the same as the above builds, all you need to do is configure them for more damage.

Now for my favorite the healer, guess I am just a coward at heart because I get great pleasure from healing my battling companions. The Rift healing Cleric needs the Sentinel, Warden and Purifier. The Sentinel is great as it has grup and instant healing, just don’t get to close to the action as your attacking powers are very weak.

Hope you liked this little Rift Cleric Builds Guide, of course you can make seperate save games for all the Rift classes and that way the game will last forever. A Rift leveling up guide is vital here so that you can get the most out of your chosen class.

Rift Cleric Builds was written to help you successfully and quickly level up in your game play!

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