Rift Cleric Guide – Level Fast, Earn Gold, Master Professions & Dominate PvP and PvE


Rift Cleric Guide – Level Fast, Earn Gold, Master Professions & Dominate PvP and PvE

If you’re trying to find a RIFT Cleric guide that you can use to learn more about this class in the brand new game RIFT, then this article should help you out.  The Clerics are one of the most popular kinds of classes in all MMORPG games, because everybody loves a magic wielding character.  We’ll get into more details below.

What are Clerics in RIFT?

Clerics, in normal terms, are priests, mages, shamans, and all other highly intellectual and magic wielding kinds of characters that you will find in other games.  They can use magic for their purposes and do a lot of damage to enemies, while usually keeping a big sense of control on any given situation.  You can also heal when you choose to be a Cleric, and it’s usually recommended that you try it (at least on one character) because healers are always needed.

The Cleric energy system – using mana

Clerics use mana, this is their “energy” that they can expend to do certain things.  Every spell costs mana, and you have a very limited supply.  As you get better gear you will find that it is easier to play more freely, but there are certainly limitations in the hardest encounters.  Thus, it’s very important that you are careful with how much you spend and try to conserve it.

Choosing a Cleric specialization

When you become a Cleric you will have the option to go a number of different routes.  You can go into the combatant quadrant, which will basically allow you to become a player who is very good at dealing damage.  If you choose the healing route, though, you will have a much easier time healing the wounds of your allies.

Here’s the best RIFT Cleric guide to level up fast, earn gold, master professions and dominate PvP and PvE

If you are serious about mastering this game then this guide is really the best one you should be reading.  First, you will hit the max level very soon (they walk you through every single quest and tell you what to skip, really important.)

Why don’t you take a look at this step by step guide? Visit: Rift Telara Cleric Guide

Then they tell you all about your class and show you how to play it optimally.. It’s really awesome, so give it a go.  Good luck!

So, do you want to level up fast, earn lots of gold, master your professions and dominate PvP and PvE? Visit:Rift Cleric Leveling Guide

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