Rift Continues Success With Move To Korea


Rift Continues Success With Move To Korea

Rift Continues Success With Move To Korea as it expands its player base

Rift Continues Success With Move To Korea provides more information about the expansive on the newest MMORPG to hit the market

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Rift Continues Success With Move To KoreaIt has been a busy month for the developers of Rift, Trion Worlds – since the title’s release last month the game has received glowing reviews from the press for being a solid alternative to World of Warcraft. Not only that, Rift quickly became the top selling PC game in North America for March, entering the homes of many thousands of gamers in the country. Set to continue their success as a potential WOW beater, Trion World has recently announced that they are now planning on bringing Rift to the Korean audience, one of the biggest MMORPG markets in the world. As Rift continues success with move to Korea more information becomes available for the ultimate gaming experience

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Trion Worlds recently finished negotiations with developer and publisher C J E&M Games to bring a Korean version of the title to life in the near future. In the press release issued by the Rift developers, their CEO Lars Buttler stated: “We take the Korean market very seriously as it is driven by innovation and growth in the online gaming space” By working with CJ E&M we are able to bring deep, immersive online gaming experiences to the east, and continue delivering quality games to gamers worldwide.”

CJ E&M’s Head of Gaming Business, Whon Namkoong also expressed his opinion on the title, saying: “We are very happy to introduce the premium MMO RIFT to Korean gamers, as it delivers a truly dynamic experience which I am personally enjoying very much, and I am confident Korean gamers will also enjoy this great title.”

Rift was an expensive title to produce, costing millions in total over the five year development period. The success the game has garnered however seems to show that the hard work and money has paid of for the small company. Trion Worlds has only been involved with a few projects, with End of Nations (a post-apocalyptic title featuring elements of Real Time Strategy and MMO gaming) being their other big gaming project. The title has had stronger digital sales than physical but sales have been stated as strong, especially since Rift is the developer’s first attempt at an MMORPG.

The game’s presence on Facebook is also strong, with over 200,000 users following the updates on the official Rift page as they come in from Trion Worlds. Recently they have reported on how the Rift fansite “Rift Junkies” has managed to gain 50,000 subscribers in less than a year, once again showing the popularity of the game.

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Rift Continues Success With Move To Korea hopefully has shown you the excitement presented by this game.

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