Rift Crafting And Gathering Guide ? How To Master Crafting And Gathering In Rift


Rift Crafting And Gathering Guide ? How To Master Crafting And Gathering In Rift

Do you want to learn about crafting and gathering in Rift?

Crafting and gathering is a very important aspect of the game if you want to make lots of gold quickly. By using various professions, you can product useful items, equipments or consumables and sell to other players for some easy gold.

There are 6 crafting professions and 3 gathering professions. In Rift, each one of your characters may have up to 3 professions at a time. You can combine any crafting and gathering professions together as there is no limit to what you can and cannot combine.

If you want to do some crafting, you will need to go to a designated work bench area. Once you arrive in these locations, a menu will pop up for your trade that you craft from.

Here is a brief description of the 6 crafting professions:

Apothecary: You will be able to produce various types of potions and tonics

Armorsmithing: As the name suggests, you will be able to make different types of chain and plate armours and even shields.

Artificing: This profession allows you to make necklaces, rings, staves, totems and wands. These items are highly sought after by Mages and Clerics.

Outfitter: You will be able to produce cloth and leather armor from butchery materials.

Runecrafting: This profession is the most difficult when it comes to crafting. You will need to use a skill called Runebreak on magical items to create runeshards, which are then turned into runes.

Weaponsmithing: As the name suggest, you will be able to produce various different weapons.

Gathering is a much different profession that crafting because you will be out on the field collecting various items from the environment. Here is a short description of the 3 gathering classes;

Butchery: This allows you to skin the monsters that you have just killed. They will then be turned into leather goods for armours and the like.

Foraging: You will be out in the field collecting various woods and plants. By using skills such as track wood or track plants, you will be able to find different woods or plants to gather from on your mini-map.

Mining: In Rift, a mining pick is not required to gather minerals. The skill track ore will be very useful in finding mineral and gem nodes for you to mine.

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