Rift Defiant Leveling Guide


Rift Defiant Leveling Guide

Article by Amanda Davidson

The defiants are one of the two main faction in Rift: Planes of Telara. The other faction is the Guardians. This article will focus on giving you information on how you can level up your defiant faction character faster and without wasting any of your precious time.

The defiants start in a zone called Terminus, where you will pick up some beginner quests, do the tutorial, and pick your three character souls which will enable you to have unique abilities. After that you’ll move on to Freemarch, where you will finally be able to see your capital city Meridian and you will also be able to group up with other players to complete your first instance Iron Tombs.

Make sure to pick up all three available quests before you head out to Iron Tombs in order to maximize your experience gained. Also be sure to read upon some dungeon strategies so you’ll know what types of abilities bosses in these instances have and what you should watch out for.

After these zones you’ll be heading out to other ones where you will start meeting members of the opposing faction as well. That’s where you will constantly have to be on alert if you’re on a PvP server as you never know when you could get killed by other players. Minimizing this is important as it will allow you to complete quests and rifts and maximize your experience gain. You should not be focused on fighting other players as it takes too much time, and the rewards are not worth it at this point.

However if you do wish to battle other players you can always queue for battlegrounds, which are called Warfronts. These instanced areas will enable you to gain plenty of Valor points used to purchase very powerful items, and are an additional source of experience. Make sure not to forget to take the daily quest for these battlegrounds, as once you win in one you will gain an additional experience and valor. Doing this daily quest can also greatly help with gaining levels faster.

What also makes leveling go smoother is knowing your souls and calling as well. To know the intricacies and mechanics of your class and abilities is extremely important to making the most out of it. If you know all the little tricks and twists you can pull to get out of bad situations and avoid death you will certainly have time for other things, mainly gaining experience through quests and invasions.

In short, leveling as a Defiant is not much different as leveling as a Guardian. Even though you don’t have the same quests and aren’t in the same areas for awhile, it’s all about knowing the most effective ways to level up and not wasting time on anything else. If you follow these core principles you will surely reach the level cap a lot faster than you originally planned.

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For a detailed step by step defiant leveling guide see this site. KFguides is just one of the leveling guides that is focused on leveling a defiant but there are more available, so be sure to check them all out to see which is best.

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