Rift Druid Guide – For Smart Rift Players Only!


Rift Druid Guide – For Smart Rift Players Only!

Rift Druid Guide the soul with powerful melee capabilities

Rift Druid Guide is designed to help you successfully and quickly level up!

Article by Chad Siemer

Rift Druid GuideIn case you are seeking to grow a character with powerful melee capabilities, you are reading the correct guide. This Rift Druid Guide can enable you to in developing a character with effective offensive and defensive abilities without compromising on healing. The Druid has the best balance between pet abilities as it can be the only Rift character with a pet that heals. The Druid soul definitely warrants a deeper look as it gives some exciting choices into how to play an excellent support character that’s properly balanced in all areas of the game.

The Druid has five fundamental abilities at his disposal. Fervent Strike is really a typical melee DPS dealing ability that forms the foundation of a young Druid’s attack arsenal. Pairing Fervent Strike with Spirit of Wood enables your pet to also render a critical hit. The character can attack using Fervent Strike and let the pet attacks complement through Spirit of Wood; basically put, Druids can go on endless attack barrages without having relenting due to the ability of the player to alternate between character and pet attacks at any given time.

Soon after Fervent Strike, contemplate allocating points on Trickster Spirit which blunts the attack power for both physical and magical attacks by the opposing player. It works as an outstanding debuff if used properly as you are able to consistently tone down your enemy’s hit levels to something more manageable with the Druid defense.

The third basic Druid ability is Bombard, the very first true ranged melee skill that’s high on damage plus adds a speed debuff for four seconds when paired with Brutal Impact. Investing points on Savage Force which is an empowered skill can fundamentally up the damage for Bombard and Eruption of Life by 25%. Simply put, Bombard will give your character the highest damage capability and must be a staple skill for Solo or PvP scenarios.

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A Rift Druid Guide will also not be total with Combine Effort which renders multiple damage by way of your pet. It buffs your pet’s attack and spell power by 50% for 15 seconds and works as a excellent complement to Fervent Strike over an extended period. Lastly, find out Eruption of Life to improve bonus damage by means of melee attacks. It is also stackable to 3 times so it can be utilized as a constant buff and works nicely with Bombard for an successful mixture.

The Druid pet’s heal capacity is activated by Balm of Woods having a 15 second cool down and works instantly. You can alternate your pet’s function between Combine Effort or Balm of Woods to manage your health efficiently as you do damage via Bombard, Eruption of Life, and Fervent Strike. If timed properly, such a combination will almost be unbeatable in a PvP or solo setting.

Possibly the top attribute for Druid souls, as far as this Rift Druid Guide is concerned, is that the are no mana shortages with this character kind. A Druid-Shaman create gives you additional mana regeneration abilities by way of Ageless Ice (Shaman) and Fae Hammer (Druid) so you’ve got a lot more than lots of options to go around when fighting.

For a really kick-ass up-your-sleeve trick, spend 51 points on Strength of Fae to increase damage or to prevent your character from dying when you’re just about to run out of life. It empowers the player with 50% damage boost and 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds producing it a helpful end-of-game skill.

Also attempt other Rift Druid Guides for much more Druid builds that you can play around. Druid-Shaman-Justicar is actually a frequent favorite amongst numerous Rift players and depending on the allocation, may be a actual potent build.

The cornerstone of the Druid class is timing so ensure to best your execution prior to joining PvPs or taking on large time monsters on the Planes of Telara.

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Advance your characters quicker than you ever thought. This Rift Leveling Guide has been successful in teaching gamers to level to 50 without the struggle and headaches.

Rift Druid Guide was written to provide assistance with the Druid soul and successfully and quickly level up!

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