Rift Dungeons Guide – All You Need to Know About Dungeons


Rift Dungeons Guide – All You Need to Know About Dungeons

Rift Dungeons Guide was written to provide an overview of surviving Rift’s Dungeons

Rift Dungeons Guide will help you successfully and quickly level up in your gameplay

If you want to be at your best at the game Rift, there are many things you have to know. In addition, if you want to successfully complete a dungeon you will also need to know what role of your character is needed. In this article, Rift Dungeons Guide,  I will present the main ideas, which you should consider, before deciding to head into a dungeon in Rift.

Rift Dungeons Guide

1. Make sure your character has the recommended level

Currently there are 10 dungeons in the game Rift, which you can choose to enter and they have different level requirements. The very first dungeon you will find is the Realm of the Fae, if you are playing the Guardian faction, while you will come across the Iron Tombs, if you have decided to play the defiant faction. Both dungeons have a minimum level requirement of level 17 and you are strongly advised not to enter any dungeon earlier. The action of entering a dungeon, while your character has a low level, is likely to be a cause for various trouble to your party. It is especially important not to go too early into the dungeons, if you are a healer or a tank, because you will have a hard time keeping your team members alive. However, I would like to advise you to enter the dungeons even later than level 17 (I recommend being approximately level 19-20).

2. Do your research – read different boss strategies online

Before you decide to enter a dungeon, make sure you know exactly what you are up against. You can easily find various boss strategies on Rift official and fan sites and make sure to read at least some of them through. Some of the bosses will be extremely difficult to kill, if you don not know the right strategy. Therefore knowing the right boss strategy will save you a lot of trouble. You might also get help from some of your friendly team members, if they tell you what to do next. However, it is still much better, if you already know the boss strategies before the battle begins.

3. Make sure to take all the quests

Rift Dungeons Guide will help you with your quests. So remember, another important thing is the quests for a dungeon. Every time you enter a dungeon, you will get a quest automatically. However, this is not the only one that can be found for that dungeon. There are also other quests available: one or more quests at the entrance of the dungeon and you even might find some quests inside the dungeon. However, you might have to visit your capital to get a quest for certain dungeons. You should not miss them out, because they might give you good items, extra platinum and a lot of additional experience.

Always remember to do the research about the dungeons and follow the three steps that I have mentioned. By doing so, you will surely be able to complete the dungeons without having anyone from your team dying. Make sure that you find a nice group of people, so you will enjoy completing the dungeon together with them. As a bonus you will get amazing loot and a lot of experience.

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Rift Dungeons Guide has provided you with a brief overview of the dungeons available in Rift.

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