Rift Healer Builds – Help Yourself Level Faster With This Rift Healer Guide!


Rift Healer Builds – Help Yourself Level Faster With This Rift Healer Guide!

Article by Brad Wesly

The healer is among the most crucial character in the Rift universe. Regardless of whether you might be searching at keeping the tank alive in different PvP, invasion or dungeon scenarios or loooking after a large group in any other setting, an excellent healer can mean all the difference between success and failure. Contemplate the following Rift healer builds to attempt to create a character that may be a a lot more than competent and also reliable healer on the Planes of Telara.

For regular PvE settings, the Sentinel (40) – Purifier (26) – Warden (0) is an exceptional mixture. Sentinels are one of the far more accomplished healing soul varieties on Rift and they draw upon the power of light to restore health to the world. Sentinels also excel in providing healing support over a significant group which makes them ideal main healers in any scenario. Among the abilities that this develop can use in the varied and complex scenarios on Rift are Healer’s Haste, Shared Recovery, Lasting Invocation, Serendipity, Light Concentration, Light Efficiency, and Enraptured Breath.

Healer’s Haste lowers the casting time of this build’s next five healing spells by 30% permitting it to respond speedily to diverse situations on the battlefield. It also does not trigger a global cooldown and may be utilized for a period of 30 seconds. Shared Recovery is huge well being increase which restores lifeforce to both healer and allies up to 281 well being points. Lasting Invocation grants an additional 30% in healing capacity over an extended period of 8 seconds. Serendipity reduces the cast time of the next heal by 1.5 seconds when the healer is critically hit with a heal, whilst Light Concentration is a mana reducing spell lowering mana requirements by 10%. Light Efficiency increases the region size for group heals by 5% whilst Enraptured Breath offers healing for two allies in a raid within 15 meters and up to 60% in effectiveness. You’ll be able to function on these Rift Healer Builds recommended spells to determine the ideal sequence of casting to maximize healing with out suffering substantial damage.

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The next Cleric Rift Healer Construct we suggest is the Warden (32) – Sentinel (22) – Purifier (12). As you can see, the Sentinel still features heavily in this create for the exact same reasons as above. The spell toolkit is nonetheless various and now capabilities Fluidity, Surging Rapids, Orbs of the Stream, Ripple, Diona’s Gif, Cascade, and Healing Showers. The casting sequence and timing also requires a bit of practice for mastery and ought to not be taken lightly as technique indicates every little thing in Rift.

Lastly, the Purifier (34) – Sentinel (32) – Templar (0) Rift healer develop is also perfect for group support and functions spells like Surging Flames, Intense Flames, Latent Blaze, Fiery Blessing, along with the Sentinel frequent spells of Serendipity and Healer’s Haste.

1 can easily create this create but execution still makes all the difference within the world when it comes to healing on the Planes of Telara. Work on these Rift Healer builds but also take time to excellent your technique as a primary healer in invasion, dungeon, or PvP settings and you must turn into an indispensable asset to any raiding party.

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