Rift Iron Tomb Guide – Advanced Leveling Tips


Rift Iron Tomb Guide – Advanced Leveling Tips

Article by Martha Stix

The Iron Tomb is one of the dungeon areas within the Rift game and is so extensive it would be impossible to cover every thing in this Rift Iron Tomb Guide. Even a walkthrough would prove impossible given the limitations and without having generating this post long sufficient to be boring. As such, we’ll stick to the fundamental need-to-knows within the Iron Tomb and leave the exploring for you to appreciate the game.

The Iron Tomb will be the Defiant player’s initial introduction to the dungeon system and is tailor made for players above level 17. Located inside the Freemarch location of the Plains of Telara, it is a regular dungeon configuration with up to 3 boss encountered and many challenges along the way. Players are advised to wait up to level 19 just before attempting out the Iron Tombs unless they are confident of their abilities even at level 17.

A dungeon raid on Iron Tombs requires, at its most simple, a tank and healer. The rest could be panned out to DPS dealers and additional off-tank healers are definitely welcome to supply extra support.In terms of quests, the Iron Tomb delivers “Release the March Wardens” is cleared if you kill all three bosses; the “Relics of the March Warden” is completed soon after stealing 3 items during the second boss fight; the “Source of Control” comes together using the second quest and is completed once sourcestone amulets are retrieved from the zone; the “You Are Who They Call” quest becomes obtainable soon after killing the second boss and requires Spectral Screamers to be dragged back to a location to be completed; lastly, the “Laid to Rest” quest demands the destruction of many Death Shards inside the zone to be completed.

Although there is no sufficient time in this Rift Iron Tomb guide to explain every step of the way, one of the most important thing to remember are the three bosses and their weaknesses as numerous quests are tied to the group’s progress pertaining to the bosses. The first boss is Caor Ashtone, an undead that’s simply handled with a tank and spank/DPS. Basic deploy your tank and attack with DPS to deal harm. Caor Ashtone will pin your tank with Jagged Wounds which is not dispellable and renders the stacking debuff on tanks unhealable as the fight drags on so make certain to finish the job as speedily as possible.

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The second boss encounter is known as the 3 Kings Event consisting of three bosses Humbart the Bold, Laric the Ascendant and Derribec the Magus. The trick would be to deal with each boss one-by-one. Humbart is finest attacked by a tank away from the group and delivering harm from the back. Humbart employs a nasty frontal cleave that’s sufficient to deal damage over a wide location so un-tanked players are most certainly vulnerable. Following Humbart, Derribec is the next active boss; the same strategy might be completed by tanking away from the group so the impact of the Life Rend spell is limited to the tank alone. Lastly, deal with Laric by interrupting his quick heal capability. Soon after Laric falls, all three bosses are once again resurrected and will engage the group together. Basic reverse your target order from Laric to Derribec and lastly Humbart to kill all 3.

The last boss encounter is Ragnoth the Despoiler and needs one of the most coordination to complete. Tank away from the group but always run to the spell produced by Eliam’s Ghost proper just before Ragnoth discharges his Flame Spell. Repeat this strategy as you deal damage until Ragnoth is taken down.

This Rift Iron Tomb guide already showed you that Iron Tomb is surely a need to try for new Rift players and it’ll test your coordination to the highest levels. Bear in mind which you won’t be able to complete other dungeons in the event you don’t practice with Iron Tomb so invest some time here for a great day of dungeon raid that you simply will in no way forget.

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