Rift is it the game for you or not?


Rift is it the game for you or not?

Many people have explored this game as it is the newest MMORPG, yet they still ask, “Rift is it the game for you or not?

The only way you will find out if, Rift is it the game for you or not? is by checking it out and possibly giving it a look

Rift is it the game for you or not?Have you been looking for some good information on Rift or guide about Rift? Or how about a comparison between Rift and world of warcraft? You may even be just looking for a new gaming to get into. If any of these are what your looking for I challenge you to read this article over. I have currently been play Rift since the release of the game and yes I quit world of warcraft to get into it. Only because I wasn’t going to pay for two game subscriptions.

So first off I would like to say if your looking into a new game or even your first online game Rift is a great choice. That is if you like the medieval themed games. There are several customizable characters to choose from and when I say customizable I mean it big time. You can do so much with the look of your characters it’s unreal. Even the types or classes of the characters are customizable. You can have a toon that heals and dose damage or tanks and heals the options in the talent trees are insane.

The graphics of the game are also top notch. I like world of warcraft graphics but Rifts graphics have a more realistic look to them. When a rift opens in the game and it’s your first experience in one you definitely get not only great graphics it’s a blast to play. This part of the game can be real exciting. Finally if you are new to the online gaming world you will have so much fun interacting with all the people in this game. But the only way to decide if Rift is it the game for you or not, is by exploring the options. At times there are people who are a stuck in the mud but for the most part everyone is really cool as long as you treat them right. Being kind goes a long way in the online gaming world.

If you decide this is the MMORPG for you then you will want help successfully and quickly leveling up to 50. Click here for more support

Now if you looking for some compare and contrast between Rift and World of Warcraft, I have some good insight for you. Rift and WOW are similar in play styles for sure but here are a few things that set them apart.

Rift has no addons as of yet. Trion worlds has there reasons they say that they are a security issue which is understandable. It kinda stinks that Rift doesn’t have addons because it makes healing a bit more difficult as well as tanking or damage. There’s no damage meters, threat meters or click able health bars like heal bot for those who know healing in WOW.

Another big offset between the two games is world events. Rift has a ton of them that people from all over can come and join. There are Rift openings where a bunch of players can join the battle and earn rewards for their participation. WOW has some world events like quests and the occasional boss encounter but these usually do not reap benefits for all participants. There are lots of other little differences between the two but these are the main ones. Both games have dungeons and raids however to reap the best rewards of gear and shiny swords raids will always be the way to go. If you decide to jump into the game you may want to consider getting a good guide as it will help you get where you want to be in the game in a faster pace than learning it all by your self.

If your looking for a guide for your Rift game I strongly suggest you take a look at Rift Supremacy. It comes with an amazing quest walk through for both faction sides. So it’s nearly impossible to get stuck on a quest or not having a clue where to go quest next. There is also an extensive read on how to spec your character to do what you need it to do. With the talent trees being so big it’s tough at first to know if your pointing the toon correctly and this guide can help very well on that aspect. There are several people I know including myself that have had great results with Rift Supremacy guide. When I purchased the guide I was struggling to level and then I started following this guide and I started gaining levels at a very high speed, I was definitely impressed with it. The price is low too I and the value of what I got was worth every penny. If you go to a game store for a guide your not going to get nearly as much  information as you get with Rift Supremacy. Plus they have video tutorials, played by real players that show you how to successfully and quickly level up to 50!

So again wither you looking to get into Rift, switch from WOW to Rift or just looking for some good knowledge on the game, this is the spot you have been looking for. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of the game, you can check out the page here.

 So the only way to find out if Rift is it the game for you or not, is to give it a try!

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