Rift Justicar Guide – Easy Way To Rift Level 50!


Rift Justicar Guide – Easy Way To Rift Level 50!

Article by Chad Siemer

The Justicar soul will be the most defensively oriented soul selection among the Cleric class in the rift game. Because of this characteristic, the Justicar soul is usually a fixture in any cleric build. What oftentimes varies are the particular soul combinations or the pairings depending on the purpose of the develop as well as the intended use. Undoubtedly, Justicars are ideal off-tank or main tank possibilities in a raid or rift event but careful consideration should be given to define one of the most suitable construct for Justicars. This Rift Justicar guide will touch on a few simple pointers when making use of the Justicar soul for very best results on the Plains of Telara.

The defensive abilities of the Justicar make it a lot more resistant to both physical and magic harm. The principal stat for Justicars is spell power which also gives further bonuses by way of increased block and parry rating. Overall, the Armor of Virtue skill is invaluable to the Justicar in growing armor resistance to attacks.

Justicars also excel at absorbing harm even though healing at the same time. This is achieved by means of the Doctrine abilities that are activated by having conviction points. The conviction points are achieved by first activating Cavalier, then making use of life-based abilities that give you a conviction point per use. Overall, you are able to activate up to five Doctrine abilities to boost your Justicar’s harm and healing skills. These are the Doctrine of Bliss which heals per conviction trade, Doctrine of Loyalty which heals raid members by 10, Doctrine of Righteousness which works with Righteous Mandate to heal allies from the overall overheal, Doctrine of Valiance which liberates all conviction points to deal damage and heal at the same time, and Doctrine of Authority that heals members by up to 300%.

Leveling Secrets Revealed

As a tank, this Rift Justicar Guide will tell you that the Justicar is one of the most useful soul builds in that it is the only Rift soul that has the capacity to deal harm and heal over time. As a result of this, Justicars almost always have high health whenever they’re fighting. Justicars can also strengthen or improve ally abilities in combat by complementing and supporting groups via melee healing as necessary.

Maybe the only downside to Justicars is that they rely too much on magic to deal harm or respond to enemy attacks so enemies can pin the Justicar down by putting them in the frontline rather than working via the center in conventional tank position.

For finest tank builds, a 51 Justicar-15 Shaman two-tree combination will supply the best balance between attack, defense and healing all even though becoming strong enough to go out on questing with out the necessity of re-configuring the soul order. Of course, there are a lot of other facets to the Justicar that this Rift Justicar guide cannot exhaustively cover. Suffice it to say that beginners really should function towards a Justicar-Shaman mixture to maximize the Justicar’s strength regardless of the demands. You may locate this a very versatile approach to playing Justicar on the Plains of Telara.

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